Hey guys! I have a pretty cool seed that I would like to share with you all today! This seed features a bunch of swampy areas, as well as some pits of lava. This seed could be a decent one to explore just for the fun of it, but there are some nice survival-worthy areas too! Take a look at the seed below.

Seed name: 1424991406

Seed type: Infinite

In the first image of this seed, shown below, part of the swamp biome can be seen! This swamp has a lot of swampy water in it, and there are loads of trees here as well. You will also be able to find a few giant mushrooms – these are great for collecting mushrooms from, which can then be turned into mushroom stew!

image (8)

Here are a couple of the pits of lava you can find in this swamp seed! Lava pits seem to be a lot rarer on Pocket Edition than they are on the PC version of Minecraft, so I thought this was pretty cool to see. They don’t really serve much purpose, although you could throw away all of your unwanted items into here to disintegrate them!

image (9)

There is also a big cave system underneath the swamp biome. These caves will allow you to find lots of valuable resources, including iron ore and coal, like shown in the image below.

image (10)

There are also pumpkins in this seed!

image (11)

What did you all think of this seed? Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Hey guys! I have a couple of bits of news to share with you all today! Both of the new information is related to Minecraft Pocket Edition update 0.11.0, and I even have a new screenshot showing off the current dev alpha build of the next MCPE update! Read on to find out more about the news we have to share today!

For the first piece of news, we have a little something coming from Tommaso, one of the current MCPE developers. Tommaso has always been very open about the features he has included in 0.11.0, and this latest one is quite interesting. Tommaso has just added redstone blocks to MCPE! Unfortunately, the redstone will still not be useable in 0.11.0, so we won’t be able to create any cool redstone contraptions just yet. You can read what Tommaso had to say about this new feature below.


For the next piece of news, Tommaso showed off a screenshot displaying the current performance of update 0.11.0. Whilst there is a lot of odd information on the image below, what we can get from this is that MCPE will run super smoothly in the next update! This screenshot also shows off a little look at the current dev version of Minecraft Pocket Edition. As you can see, there is a redstone block in the inventory! Besides from this, there isn’t too much else to gather from this one screenshot unfortunately. It is still nice to take a look into what the developers are up to though!


What did you think of this news? Will you be looking forward to update 0.11.0?

Hey guys! It has been a week since I have announced the survive a seed challenge, and that means it is time to reveal the winning creation! This week we were sent a few designs, but quite a few of you only sent in a screenshot or two. Remember, for a better chance to win next time, send in up to five or six screenshots showing off your entire design! Today’s winner is Jaylen with his nice wood house creation. Take a look at the winning design below.

In the first image of this design, which is shown below, the front of the survival house can be seen! This building was made out of wood and glass, and that’s pretty much it! Outside, some wheat has been grown. Food is pretty sparse on this seed, so this wheat will really come in handy. It seems to be growing well here, too!

In the next screenshot, the inside of the building is shown. Here you can see what Jaylen has put in his home. The room is pretty much symmetrical. On each side of the room there is a bed, two single chests, a crafting table, two furnaces and a stone cutter. In the center of the room there is a ladder that leads up to the attic. I really like the patterned floor too. It is easy to make, low on resources and it looks nice!

Here is a view of the attic! It is quite cramped, but it does give you a view of the ice spikes in the distance!

What did you think of this week’s survival challenge?

Hey guys! Recently we have posted a couple of nice garden design guides that explain how to build a few simple gardens. Today I have another garden creation to share with you that looks absolutely awesome! This garden is a lot more complicated than the ones we have shown before, and I hope you guys really like it. Take a look at the design below.

In the first picture of this design, which can be seen below, a bird’s eye view of the garden has been showcased. As you can see, this garden has a large water fountain right in the center of it, and below the fountain there are rows of different flowers. Each row has a different type of flower in it, and it has been separated by a wall of stone slabs. To keep the garden contained, there is a wall of wood logs that goes around the perimeter.

In the next image, the garden can be viewed from the side. I think it is quite interesting that the creator of this design has built the fountain into a block of diamonds. On top of the diamonds there is a large poppy flower on each corner. I like this image because it also shows off the other flowers in the garden from a closer perspective.

Finally, here is an image showing off the same design but from the other side. This looks like such a peaceful, relaxing place to visit!

What did you think of this design? Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.