Hey guys! I have a pretty cool design to share with you all today! This design was made by AmanthaRae, and it is a design of a nice relaxing spa!

In the picture below, the front of the spa can be seen. The spa has a window on the front so that visiting players can peek inside whilst visiting! There is also a single front door that can be used to get into the spa.


In the inside of the spa, there are lots of different areas to explore. In the picture below, the inside as soon as you enter through the front door can be seen. There is one spa area right next to the front door, but there are many other areas in this building too! This particular area is used for foot massages.


There are many different types of baths and spas in this design – for example, in this picture an awesome hot tub can be seen! This is where players can go to relax. The hot tub is filled with warm, bubbly water!

image (53)

There is also a mud bath too! Most baths are used to get yourself  clean, so it’s a bit odd that mud baths exist. Still, some people enjoy sitting in mud baths, so AmanthaRae included one in her design too!


This design here is a small jacuzzi! This particular jazuzzi is only big enough for one person.


And here is another foot massage place! If it’s an extra busy day, it’s always useful to have spare rooms.


What do you all think of this design?

Hey guys! I have a nice Wintry seed to share with you all today! This seed has some big snowy hills in it, as well as a mountain range, an open mine area, and a few other interesting pieces of terrain. The seed name is right below, and below that I have provided some pictures so you can get a good idea of what this seed is all about!

Seed name: -442161662

In the picture below, the snowy hill can be seen! The snowy area starts at the bottom of the hill, and it makes its way to the top of the hill, at which point the snow area melts off and it turns into a grass hill! After the hill area, the terrain starts turning rockier, and this is where the mountain range begins.


After the hilly mountain areas, the terrain changes to a sand biome. This particular biome is also part of a hill, and it ends right next to a small cave-like area placed in the side of the hill.


The cave area is pretty small, but if you dug into it a little bit, you could potentially have a nice little base location down here! If you choose to build elsewhere, you could build on top of the hills, or right at the bottom of the hills.


So, what do you all think of this seed? If you think you’ve got a better seed to share, send it in to submissions@minecraftpecheats.com with a description about why it’s a good seed!

Hey guys! ManOnTheMoon has created and shared a really awesome map and I just had to show it to you all because it’s so awesome! This map has a big modern mansion built into the side of a mountain, and a whole island that belongs to the mansion owner! There is a really fancy mine cart track that is used to get around the island, and the house looks epic! Check out pictures of this map, and download it for yourself below!

When you first spawn into this map, you’ll be on the mine cart track that takes you around the island. In the picture below, the track is shown, and as you can see, it’s very fancy! It twists and turns through the island until it reaches the main mansion building.


In this picture you can see more of the twisting, turning fancy track as it leads into the mountainous areas! You can also catch a glimpse of the big mansion at the very right edge of the picture!


And here it is in all it’s glory! The awesome modern mountainside mansion! I really like the way that the creator of this design has used lots of different shapes to make the whole building, and each room almost feels like a separate apartment attached the the main room.


Things look just as fancy on the inside as they do on the outside! If you want to explore this map further, you can download it from the download link provided below.


Map download link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4yfaiqdf0kx1zeo/jfteuZkomO

How to install maps: http://minecraftpecheats.com/2013/04/27/how-to-get-maps-minecraft-pocket-edition/

(once you’ve download this file, you will need to make a new folder and extract the contents into that folder for this map to work.

Original post: http://mcpeuniverse.com/maps/modern-mansion-island-with-unreleased-gray-stained-clay-blocks/

So, what did you all think of this design? I personally thought it was really good! You can leave your own opinions on this map in the comments section below!

Hey guys! Today I have a really awesome modern survival home design to share with you all! This design was sent into us by Eliza, and it was all hand built by her on survival mode! I really love seeing all of your survival buildings, so I was really excited to see this one!

This design has two separate floors, and interesting decorated areas both on the inside and the outside of the house. In the picture below, you can see the whole of the house from the outside. The top floor has a balcony area that can be walked onto, and a big room with glass panel walls.

I also really like the way Eliza has created a plant pot out of trap door pieces.


In this picture, the top floor can be seen. The double doors have been opened up, and the glass panel walls shown in the first image can be seen here too! These panels let in a lot of natural light, so it’s super easy to see around. There are also lots of different furniture items in here, including a double bed, a sofa and a comfy chair.

The double doors lead out onto the balcony, and this is where Eliza keeps all of her loot.

download (2)

This here is the bottom floor. It looks like this floor was used mainly as a crafting room, because there are lots of furnaces here, a crafting table, and a stone cutter! This floor is a lot more simple than the top floor, but it still has it’s own touches to make it look unique and original.

download (1)

What do you all think of this design?