Hey guys! I have a bit of news to share with you today. The developers working on Minecraft Pocket Edition will not be in the office next week, as they have all boarded a plane to head towards GDC in San Francisco! Below, we will explain to you what GDC is, and what this means for the development of MCPE for the next week.

What is GDC?


GDC stands for Game Developers Conference, and it is a special event held every year that allows game developers to meet up and talk about making great games! Whilst Mojang hasn’t revealed anything about what they might be doing there, we may see a few pictures shared to their Twitter over the next week. GDC starts tomorrow, on March 2nd, and ends on March 6th, which is the Friday next week.

What Will Happen to Development?


Unfortunately, because the developers will be away at an event, this will mean the developers will not be able to work on update 0.11.0 next week. Whilst in the grand scheme of things this won’t really slow down development of the next update much, we won’t be getting many details on development next week. We don’t know what the MCPE crew are doing at GDC, though, so we might have a few things to share about their time there.

Don’t worry too much though! After next week, the developers will be back to work on update 0.11.0! We are thinking that the 0.11.0 update should be released fairly soon, as there aren’t many new things to work on.

Hey guys! I have a really nice seed that I would like to share with you all today! This seed has just been sent in by RainbowKitty375, and it features a load of nice snowy and icy areas right next to spawn. Take a look at the seed below!

Seed name: 911911 callz

Seed type: Infinite World

When you first spawn into this seed, you will actually start in a plains biome. Looking around, there won’t really be that much to give away all of the snowy areas you will be able to find in this world. There are a few snow capped trees in the distance, and this is the first place you will want to go and have a look at!

photo 2 (16)

Here is a look at the snow biome near spawn.

photo 5 (8)

Nearby, there is also a very large ice spike biome! This is one of the rarest biomes in Minecraft Pocket Edition, and it looks absolutely awesome! All of these spikes act just like normal ice, so they can melt, and they are super slidey. A fun challenge is to try and make a house out of one of the spikes!

photo 1 (15)

The ice spike biome ends and it goes onto a very large snowy forest. This forest was the same one that could just be seen in the first screenshot. This forest is filled to the brim with spruce trees, and there is even a small lava pit here too!

photo 4 (11)

What did you think of this seed? Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Hey guys! I have a really cool design that I would like to share with you all today! This creation was made by CajunMiner, and it features a giant sand castle that has been built in survival mode! In my opinion, this castle looks amazing, and it is even cooler that it is on survival! Take a look at the design below!

In the first image, CajunMiner has built a tower of dirt blocks to get a view of the castle from a distance. This castle is absolutely epic! And from this view it looks amazing.


Here is a view of the inside courtyard of the castle. Four trees have been built here. These trees are palm trees, and whilst they don’t actually grow in Minecraft, CajunMiner has managed to make his own!


As you can imagine for a survival design, the inside of this castle isn’t 100% decorated. There are a load of rooms, and quite a few of them have lots of empty space in. With that being said, everything is well lit, and most rooms have at least a table or a few chairs. Take the room shown below for example!


Here is another look at the inside!


In the final picture of this design, the sand that CajunMiner has used for the building can be seen. All of this sand has been dug into and collected for building the house! This pile of sand used to be a giant mountain of sand!


What did you think of this design? Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

I hope you’re ready for this! We are about to finish off our 0.11.0 update preview! This post will feature a bunch of new things that will be making their way to Minecraft Pocket Edition. Whilst these features aren’t 100% confirmed, it is very likely that they will come to 0.11.0!

Pressed Dirt

village 0.9.0

In 0.11.0, villages will be getting a makeover. A brand new road block has been added specifically for villages. These will be used to replace the stone or wood roads found in pre-generated villages. On top of making villages look better, these will add a new block for building!



Fishing is a feature that came out of nowhere. So far we know that we will be able to go fishing for standard fish and salmon! Both types of fish can be cooked and eaten to regain food!

Redstone Blocks


Redstone blocks will be coming to update 0.11.0. Unfortunately they cannot be used because redstone logic still does not work. This is still one more step towards redstone in MCPE, though!


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Bats are friendly mobs that come out at night. In the day, bats can often be found sleeping in caves or dark areas. Bats don’t really affect gameplay in any way, but it will help to make your world feel a little more alive at night.

Cave Spider


You might be okay with exploring caves with bats about, but what about cave spiders? These nasty mobs will climb walls and attack you when you explore underground! Cave spiders can also deal poison damage!

Iron Shovel

First when you dig down no more than 10 blocks you will reach iron.

This is a small feature, but iron shovels will be added to creative mode!