Hey guys! It has now been 24 hours since I put up the poll for the next build design contest. I am happy to announce that the new theme for the next build design contest will be hotels!

Hotels got the most amount of votes with 20% of all voters. Behind hotels, spaceship designs and survival designs both got 17% of all  votes. Perhaps next time we can see spaceship designs or survival designs make the top spot! But for now, the contest will be for hotels. Read on to find out details for the next contest!


This new contest will start today, and it will continue for two weeks. On Friday, the 6th of February, the contest will end. At this point, players will be able to come onto the website or the app and see the winning designs!


Because the theme is for hotels, players will need to submit hotel designs – any other designs won’t count for this contest! Below, I shall provide the full rules and instructions for entering the contest.


– All designs must be sent in before Friday, 6th February.

– The contest theme is hotels, you will need to make a hotel design to be in with a chance of winning.

– There will be three winning designs – you’ve got three times the chance to win!

– Please send screenshots and your username in an email to submissions@minecraftpecheats.com

– Please include ‘Hotel contest‘ in the email title! If you do not do this, I may not be able to find your design!

Good luck to anybody planning to enter this contest!

Hey guys! I have some pretty cool update news content to share with you all today! Recently, Tommaso has gone to Twitter to post a new screenshot that shows off one of the features were are expecting to see in update 0.11.0. This feature is boats! Take a look at the screenshot preview of Minecraft Pocket Edition boats in action below!

As you can see from the picture shown below, this boat has been re-textured and it now looks a lot more like the boats from the PC version of Minecraft. Before the retexture, boats looked just like mine carts but they could be used on the water! I think boats look a lot better when made out of wood, so I am happy to see the developers make this change.


When in the boat, players will have two new controls show on the screen. Shown above, the two arrow keys are on either side of the screen, and I assume that they are used for controlling the boat! I may be wrong, but I think holding down either the left or the right one will steer the boat in the corresponding direction. Pressing down both buttons will make the boat go forwards!

Along with the boat update from Tommaso, Jeb posted a screenshot showing off the new road feature. We’ve already seen this before, but there’s something else about this image that makes it special. Jeb is holding a shovel and the game is in creative mode! Looks like we’re getting access to more tools in creative mode in 0.11.0.


What do you think of this news? Are you excited for update 0.11.0 yet? I know I certainly am!

Hey guys! It has been a week since I re-opened the survive a seed challenge, and we received a few interesting designs. Today I have picked out the winning design, and you will be able to see it below.

This week, there were actually two winners who worked together. The creators of the winning design are XFO96 and Silvergirl – take a look at the winning design below!

The two winners of this week’s survive a seed challenge have made a small village area for them to live in! In the picture shown below, the village hall is shown off.


Here is a look inside the village hall. There are a load of torches which have been used to keep it lit up at night time. Apart from the bottom floor, each floor has been carpeted with white wool.


Here is a picture showing off the entire village! In this image, a few of the different village houses are shown off. They feature a very basic design that is easy to build but still looks quite nice. Another cool thing in this village is the big windmill! This doesn’t actually work, but it’s a nice design to put in the village.


The creators of the winning design have also made a few fenced off areas and used them for farms. This farm has crops in, and the farm in the background has trees in!


Do you have any good seeds for survive a seed? Feel free to send them to us at submissions@minecraftpecheats.com!

Hey guys! I have a really nice design that I would like to share with you all today! This design was made on survival mode by fabulous_potato and I think it looks awesome. This design is a wooden house with a few unique features, including a floor that has been made out of lava! Take a look at the pictures below to see what the design looks like!

In the picture shown below, the front of the survival house can be seen. As you can see, it is a two story building with a lot of space on the inside!


Here is a look at the first  floor of this building. As you can see, it has been made out of lava! There is a layer of glass over the lava so that you can walk on it safely. It must have been hard to collect all of this lava on survival mode, but it looks awesome.


On the second floor there is a bedroom area. In the bedroom the creator of this design has placed a couple double chests, two single chests, a bed, a cake and a few other blocks. There are also two pet dogs who live here!


Outside the front of the building there is a small farm that is being used to grow food.


What did you all think of this design? I personally think it’s pretty impressive for a survival build. You can leave your own thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.