Hey guys! Yesterday the hotel contest came to an end and today it is time to start up the next contest! The only problem is that we need to find out what theme we should choose for the contest! Right now, I have a few ideas for the next build design contest theme, but I want to make sure I get all of your opinions too! Like previous weeks, I will provide a poll down below, and you can choose for your favorite option!


The most voted for option will be picked as the next build design contest theme! I will also include the ‘other’ option – if you pick this, please leave your ideas for the next theme in the comments section below. If the majority of people vote for the ‘other’ option I shall re-do the poll an include all of your suggestions instead!


You have only got 24 hours to pick your favorite option before the poll closes and the contest theme is chosen, so please make sure to pick your favorite option as soon as possible! Last time, we had hotels, and it was super fun! We received a lot of designs, and three winners had their creations showcased in the winning post. The contest before hotels, we had a castle theme, and that was our most popular contest to date! In fact, we had so many designs that I had to pick out six winners instead of three!

image1 (30)

The poll, featuring the next theme ideas has been posted below.

What next contest theme should we choose?

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Hey guys! It is time for me to announce the three winning designs for the hotel contest! We have received plenty of great designs, but I have decided on my favorites, and they will be shown below! I’d like to thank everyone who has submitted their designs for this contest, or any contest in the past – you guys help breathe more life and excitement into this game, which is awesome!

First up, we have a design by Tia! This design features a hotel skyscraper that has been built in a large garden! In front of the hotel, there is a big maze. In the picture shown below, an aerial view can be seen of the building.

image2 (28)

This is my favorite image of this hotel! It shows off the maze walls, and the hotel can be seen behind it. The sun has been lined up perfectly so that it looks like the hotel is shining with light!

image1 (30)

Here is a closer view of the hotel building.

image3 (32)

Next up, KitKat_does_MC has built a nice beach hotel. Here is a look at  the front desk and lobby.

image (32)

There is a small bar area that is floating in the water outside of the hotel. The bar is shown below!

image (33)

Here is a view of one of the hotel buildings! There is a big boat outside the front.

image (34)

For the third winning design, we have a creation by Bodacious! The image below shows off the front of the hotel.

9604817108280Screenshot_2015-01-24-07-58-27 (2)

Here is a shot of the back of the hotel.

9612169281132Screenshot_2015-01-22-21-52-57 (2)

And here is the inside of the hotel!

9615813324100Screenshot_2015-01-22-21-53-46 (2)

Check back tomorrow for a new contest!

Hey guys! I have a really interesting survival map that I would like to share with you all today! This map features a unique survival experience that you won’t find on an ordinary world! Take a look at the map, and download it for yourself below!

In the first screenshot of this map, which is shown below, the first are you will start in is showcased. This area will start you with a small chest with a few items in. There will also be one tree on this island, but besides from this, the only other materials you can get is the dirt from the island itself!


After you have collected some materials from the first survival island, you can go and check out the other islands. There are a few different islands like the one you spawn in, and there are also a couple of different floating orbs of ore. These are great spaces to go to get some ore for getting better armor and better tools. The world is surrounded by bedrock, so you won’t actually be able to get out of the area, unless you want to fall out of the map.


In the next image, a bird’s eye view of the survival box is shown off! There isn’t really that many things in this map to do, but it is quite fun for a few minutes to see how many resources you can get without falling off.


Download this map here: https://gust.box.com/s/h25l3fd5ry1o890d8phbugf4q1g18f6s

Original map creator: http://mcpeuniverse.com/maps/sky-island/

Hey guys! I have a pretty nice seed that I would love for you all to try out! In this seed, you will be able to find a load of flat land that would be perfect for building on! On top of the flat areas, you will also be able to find some mountainous areas and some big forests! Thanks goes to Turbo-diesel for sending in this seed to us! Take a look at the seed below.

Seed name: super meat boy

First up, let’s take a look at that flat ground you will be able to find! Near spawn, there will be a large amount of flat ground right next to a river. For the most part, this land is completely flat, but there are areas that are more raised than others. It won’t take much effort to level out all of this land though! This spot would be perfect for building a village or a big house or mansion.

Screenshot_2015-01-28-22-52-26 (2)

Nearby, you’ll be able to find a large mountainous area that is filled with lots of mountains! In the picture shown below, the mountains can be seen. This mountain has a few cave openings in it, so if you’re looking for an exploration adventure, this is the place to check out!

Screenshot_2015-01-28-22-44-48 (2)

There is also a big forest near spawn. In the picture below, the forest is shown off.

Screenshot_2015-01-28-22-39-28 (2)

What are your thoughts on this seed? Will you be using this seed to build on? Feel free to leave your opinions of this seed in the comments section below.