Hey guys! I have a really fun map that I would like to share with you all today! This map features a parkour course that extends out across a large area. If you are a fan of parkour, you should definitely give this map a try. The jumps in this course are of an intermediate level, so they are not incredibly difficult, but beginners to parkour may find them a little hard. Take a look at the map and download it for yourself below!

This parkour course has been split up into different stages, and each stage will have a different theme. For example, the stage shown below is known as the mazerunner stage, and it combines parkour elements with a big maze! The start of the maze is see through, so you can see the exit – actually getting to the exit is a different matter!


Some of the parkour areas in this map are fairly forgiving. Take this room for instance – there are two different routes to be taken, and if you fall off you can just start again!


Other areas are not so forgiving. This next picture shows off another area that is much harder! If you fall in here, you have just a few seconds before you slide through the cobwebs and end up in the lava!


At the end of the parkour course there is a tasty reward!


Download this map here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r0q6p9kxyq19zhi/Parkour%20Test%20%20v1.zip?dl=0

Original map creator: http://mcpeuniverse.com/maps/parkour-test/

Have any of you tried out this map yet? Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

Hey guys! It seems like a lot of you are looking forward to seeing the survive a seed challenge again, so today I will be posting up a new challenge for you all to take part in! For those unaware, the survive a seed challenge is a weekly contest where you must make your best survival design within a certain seed! First, I will show you the seed for this week’s survive a seed challenge, and then I shall explain the rules.

Seed name: my world

Seed type: Old

This seed is an old world seed with a large mesa biome in it, and a few small islands of plains biomes. The amount of trees in this biome are quite limited, so you will be fairly short for supplies.

image (46)

The mesa biome could be a good location for a base, but if not, you could always use some of the stained clay here in your base design!

image (47)

Now for the rules!

To play this survive a seed contest, you must start a new world with this seed. Make sure to select old world in the seed selection menu. Once you are in the world, you must now try to make the best design you can with the resources available!

You must play on survival mode

You must use the seed provided (my world)

You must send in your designs to submissions@minecraftpecheats.com

Please include your username

Please put ‘survive a seed‘ in the email title!

You will have till next week, on Friday the 16th of January to submit your survive a seed designs! Good luck guys!

Hey guys! I have an absolutely amazing seed that I would like to share with you all today! This seed features an epic mushroom island biome that seems to extend out for what feels like forever! Thanks goes to Zetious for finding this really cool seed! Take a look at the seed below.

Seed name: MUNCHES

When you first spawn into this seed, you will actually spawn a little way away from the main mushroom island biome, but as you can see in the picture shown below, the mushrooms are just about viewable from the spawn area.


If you head straight forward from the spawn area, you will quickly come across the mushroom island biome. In the picture shown below, the first shot of the island is shown! This biome is so huge, that it doesn’t even look like an island. There is also a large number of mushrooms here so you will be able to collect up a lot of food quickly.


Here is a picture showing off the left side of the mushroom biome. Once again, the mushrooms are everywhere! Oddly, there seem to be a lot more red mushrooms than brown mushrooms.


Here is a shot showing off the right side.


Eventually, the mushroom biome does come to an end, but it does feel like it lasts for almost forever! Here is another view of the mushroom biome.


What did you all think of this seed? Let me know if you’ve seen bigger mushroom biomes in the comments section below!

Hey guys! I have a really nice design that I would like to share with you all today! This design is a modern house, and it was recently made and sent in by KitKat_does_Minecraft! It has been a while since we’ve shared a traditional modern house design on here, so I hope you all like it! Take a look at the design below!

In the first image of the modern house, the front of the building can be seen! This image shows off the front side of the house, and also gives a quick look at the area the house was built on. The creator of this design has layered down strips of green wool to make the area look like a freshly cut lawn!

image (10)

In the next picture, the side and back of the modern house design can be seen. For the most part, the outside of the house has been built out of quartz blocks and obsidian, although there is a large stone chimney, and the windows are of course made of glass.

image (11)

In the next image, which is shown below, the first interior area of this design can be seen! This room is the kitchen and the dining area – I like the way KitKat_does_Minecraft has added white wool to the tops of these blocks to make a small kitchen counter top.

image (12)

Here is a quick look at the bedroom. As you can see, everything in this house is bright white!

image (14)

What did you all think of this design? Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.