Hey guys! I have a really awesome design to share with you all today! This design has been sent in by a fan via our submissions email, and I thought it definitely deserved getting a showcase! It’s rare to see a hot air balloon design, so I was really happy to see this one, even if it was quite simple. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing though, because it means you’ll be able to build it for yourself nice and easily too!

In the picture shown below, the hot air balloon design can be seen! The great thing about this design is that it could potentially be used to create an even bigger hot air balloon if you wanted, and you’d only have to make the balloon bigger! The balloon can also be any color you’d like it to be, but I personally think it looks nice in a bright wool block.


The area where people stand is also pretty simple. In fact, it is simply just a small wooden bucket that’s made out of wood blocks and wood fence pieces! If you wanted to, you could replace the wool with another material and even build it on survival mode!


What do you think of this hot air balloon design? I personally think it’s really awesome and I’d love to see more designs like this in the future! You can leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below, and if you’d like to send in your own designs, send them to submissions@minecraftpecheats.com

Hey guys! I thought I’d do something a little different today and show you all how to make some simple furniture designs in Minecraft Pocket Edition! If you’ve been playing the game for a while now you will probably know how to build this, but feel free to share this with any friends that may have just got the game, and keep an eye out for a more advanced building guide in the future!

How to make a flower pot

This is actually really easy and it looks super cool!

You will need-

-One dirt block

-Four trap doors

-One flower

Once you have the required items, place down the dirt block where you’d like the plant pot to be. Next, place the trap doors on either side of the dirt block and then close the trap doors. Once you’ve done this, you can pop in a flower and you’ll have your very own plant pot!


How to Make Simple Shelves

This is really easy, all you need is at least four wood stair pieces, but you can have more if you want the shelves to be taller!

To build this, simple build a tower of wood stairs. After you have done this, build another tower right next to the first one, but make sure that the stairs are facing each other. If done right, it should look a little like this!


How to make an armed chair

For this you’ll need a stair piece and two signs. To build the armed chair, simply place down the stair block where you’d like the chair to be. Next, place the signs on either side of the stairs like shown below! Just leave the sign message empty.


How to Build a Small Table

These tables are perfect for bars or restaurants! To build these, simply place down a fence piece, and then once you’ve done that, put a wool carpet block of any color on top of the fence! Voila!


Would you like to see more building tips like this in the future?

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Hey everyone! I have a really fun survival map for you all to try out today! This map completely changes the parameters of survival by placing you inside a strange dome that is floating in the air. The resources that you can collect in this dome are limited, but to continue surviving, you’ll have to break free of the dome and use your resources to create a bridge to another nearby dome!

This map is all about conserving your resources and being careful about where you plan to go. If you want to set out some goals before you start, try to finish the map with a small house, a garden, and maybe even a farm! The first biosphere you start in looks like this. There is a sheep, a pig, a chicken, a cow and a tree. Other than that, all you have is dirt!


There are many other spheres out there, but you may want to consider carefully about which ones you go to first. If you don’t have enough supplies to dig out stone spheres or ore spheres, then you’ll be in a sticky situation!


The first biosphere I went to can be seen below – I went to this one because it has lots of trees in! This meant I could make tools, and craft some wood blocks, too!


Map download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9sjzor1f7hm1fl9/Biosphere.zip

Learn how to install maps here: http://minecraftpecheats.com/2013/04/27/how-to-get-maps-minecraft-pocket-edition/

Original post: http://mcpeuniverse.com/maps/mcpe-biosphere-survival/

What do you all think of this map? I actually really enjoyed playing it, and I’d love to hear your experiences too! You can leave any comments you may have down below.

Hey guys! I have a really awesome seed to share with you today! This seed may not have any extreme terrain in, and it isn’t exactly perfect for survival, but there’s something about it that just looks really cool and I’m sure you’ll know what I mean once I have showcased the seed to you all! Check out the seed name, and pictures I’ve taken of the seed below.

Seed name: MCPEOscars

The picture below shows exactly why I think this seed is really cool! This seed has a massive area that is filled with lots of hills, and on these hills there are loads and loads of trees that are all tightly packed together! It looks like an awesome forest, and it’s super fun to go exploring in!


There are a few bits of terrain that stick out more than others, and this includes ditches, small mountains and various sized overhangs. You even may be able to find a quiet spot to build a base within this giant forest!


There is also a small spring pouring out of a hole in one of the hills, so if you need a water source, this seed does have it within the massive forest area!


What do you all think of this seed? I personally think it looks really cool, and I’d definitely be interested to see what you could all come up with when creating designs and playing on survival mode in this seed. Leave your own thoughts on this seed in the comments section below!