Hey guys! I have a really crazy design that I would like to share with you all today! This design has recently been built by Legoninja1222 and it features a large slime monster that looks really cool! I think it would be interesting if this creature made it into Minecraft Pocket Edition as a mob that lurks in the shallow waters of swamp biomes! Take a look at the design below and let me know what you think.

In the first image of this design, the sludge monster can be seen from the side. As you can see, it has a very ugly color to it, and it has claws on each foot that dig into the ground. The mouth of this creature is currently open, and you can actually see into the mouth from here.

Here is a look at the bottom of the sludge monster’s belly. This creature looks a little bit like a crocodile crossed between a lizard. The color of it’s skin certainly looks similar to a crocodile’s skin that’s for sure.

Here is a look at the creature’s face! He is looking pretty menacing, right? The creator of this design has actually built the insides of the creature, and they can be explored!

The inside of this monster could actually be turned into a house if the creator wanted to do that. Here is a look.

Here is another look at the inside.

Thanks Legoninja1222 for sending in this creation! What did you all think about it? Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Hey guys! I have a pretty cool seed that I would like to share with you all today! This seed was just sent in by FluffyKitty, and it features a large mountainous area, as well as a great place to dig for resources right at spawn! Take a look at the seed below and let me know what you think of it!

Seed name: 12332156

Seed type: Infinite world

For the first picture, we have a cool representation of the spawn area. The spawn point can just be seen at the top corner. The spawn point has been marked by a glow stone block. If you walk this amount of blocks away from the spawn, and then start digging at the cobblestone area, just in front of the white flower, you will dig down and find some gold and redstone!


Here are a couple of pieces of ore to get you started on a new world! The gold could be used to make a sword or tool, although it’s not quite as reliable as iron.


You may have noticed the lava pit in the first image. This pit of lava is right at spawn, and it goes quite deep into the ground. Make sure to be careful that you don’t fall in!


Right next to spawn, you will be able to find this absolutely huge mountainous area!


There is also a decent amount of flat ground across the lake from the mountains.


What did you all think of this seed? Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Hey guys! It is another sunny Tuesday here, and that means it is time to show off some of the great pixel art you guys have all sent in! We’ve had a lot of fun doing the weekly pixel art showcases, and it looks like you lot have had fun as well, because you’re always sending in more designs! Take a look at the different pixel art designs below.

First up, we have a really nice creation by Meghan4420! This is a super cute winter design that features a squirrel and a baby deer. It looks as if they are best friends, sharing a moment in the cold winter snow! I absolutely love this design!


Equestria 101 has made a pixel art design, and this one is almost the opposite as the one above. This creation features a cool pixel art sun that has been designed on a large square panel.

Equestria 101

Next, we have a design by Goldie blocks! This creation isn’t super amazing, but I like the attention to detail Goldie blocks has used to create this near lookalike brick block pixel art!

Goldie blocks

For the next pixel art creation this week, we have an awesome pixel creation of Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants. Thanks o_o for sending in this one!


Monkeyman has made a cool little island design! His pixel art can be seen in the image shown below!


And for the final design, we have a pixel art design of Toad from Mario.

Toad From Mario

What did you think of this week’s pixel art Tuesday? Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Hey guys! The statues contest came to an end yesterday, and that means today is a great opportunity to pick out the next theme for the next build design contest. I would like to ask you all about what contest theme you would like to see, and the most voted for option will be chosen! Below, I will provide a poll with some choices on it. Please pick your favorite option on the poll! After 24 hours, I shall take a look at the poll results. Whichever option has the most votes will be picked as the next contest theme!


Once the contest theme has been picked, I shall reveal more details about how you can enter your own designs into the competition. If you would like to enter your own designs make sure to check back tomorrow! We will be giving all of the details on the rules, and will also be revealing the date that you will have to get your creation in by.

image1 (52)

Last contest for the animal statue designs was incredibly fun, and we received a bunch of great designs. We can only hope you all enjoy the next competition just as much. The poll, containing popular choices voted and asked for in the past can be seen below.

What should be the next theme for the next build contest?

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Which option did you vote for? If you don’t like these options, what kind of theme would you like to see for the build design contest? Feel free to leave your thoughts and answers in the comments section below.