Hey guys! I have a really cool thing to share with you all today! I am going to be showing you all how to build your very own working cannon that can fire TNT across the map! Not only is it great fun to use, but it can also work great against mobs and other players, too! Surprisingly, it’s super easy to create, and the only thing that’s hard to get hold of is the ammo, which is of course TNT. This was sent in to us by Kreepy_Kreeper07, so thank you for sending this in!

First up, you’ll need to create something that looks a little like this – I’ve used stone bricks, but you can pretty much use anything, although I’d avoid using sand or gravel.


Next up, you’ll need to place a ladder at the end of your creation! After that, fill in the rest of the space with water by using a water bucket. Afterwards, you should have something that looks like this.

Screenshot_2014-04-15-18-51-00 (1)

Now, you need to place TNT down! This is where thing start to get exciting! Firstly, you will need to place one TNT down in front of the ladder, and then you need to put one TNT on top of the ladder.

Screenshot_2014-04-15-18-51-12 (1)

Your cannon is now ready to use! It’s quite tricky to master, but once you’ve got the hand of it, it’s easy to use – to properly activate it, you have to use flint and steel on the first TNT block. Then watch and wait for this TNT to flash six times. After it has flashed six times, use the flint and steel on the other TNT and it will be flung into the air!

Screenshot_2014-04-15-18-51-20 (1)

What do you think of this cannon? I think it’s amazing! You can leave your own opinions down below.

Hey guys! Today I have a pretty interesting seed to share with you all today! This seed has a bunch of cool hills and a massive mountain in it! I personally think this seed looks really stunning, although you may have a different opinion. Below I’ll be showcasing the seed and sharing screenshots of it, so you can make your own opinion on whether this seed is good or not.

Seed name: seedsarestupid

This single picture pretty much captures all of the beauty of this seed – the water washes up against the coastline, and from there the hills start to roll up into a small forest of trees. In the distance, huge mountains and rocky pillars tower above everything else in the seed.

image (33)

Most of the mountains in this seed are too small and jagged to be put to much use, however there is one big mountain tucked neatly into one of the corners of the world, and this one would be a perfect spot to build a small house or a base! You would have to clear up the trees and flatten out the land a little first, though.

image (34)

Here is a look at the beach from the point of the hills and mountains – I think this view is incredibly beautiful! There are a bunch of small islands sticking out of the water, and forests growing on the sides of hills.

image (36)

What are your opinions on this guys? I really do think it looks quite nice! You can leave your own thoughts in the comments section below.

Hey guys! At some point today or tomorrow Mojang will put up a full gameplay video of update 0.9.0 in all it’s glory! However it has not yet been released, so we’ve still got a bit of waiting to do. Today I thought I’d go over probably one of the most exciting features that was announced yesterday alongside the Minecraft Pocket Edition Q&A session.

0.9.0 screenshot

Yesterday, Tommaso revealed that when update 0.9.0 is released, it will come with a special switch that can be accessed from the settings menu. When the button is pressed, the gameplay mode will be changed! This means you’ll be able to switch between both survival and creative mode at the tap of a button! This particular option can be extremely handy for lots of different reasons. For example, when you download a creative map and you want to play it in survival, you’d have to edit the file, but with the game mode changer switch, you won’t need to do that any more!


It’s also useful for when you want to edit a world quickly before starting to play in survival mode, or if you want to stop playing in survival and start playing in creative. I’m sure there are lots of other reasons why a switch like this will prove to be useful.

What do you think of this new feature? I’ve heard that quite a lot of people have been really excited to hear about this feature, but what are your opinions? Feel free to write them down below in the comments section below this post!

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve shared any modern house designs so I thought I’d share one with you today! Modern houses are some of the coolest looking buildings I’ve seen in Minecraft, and it’s always cool to see different designs, because each modern house is different in it’s own unique way. Today, I’m going to showcase a great modern house design made by Nebknx514.

In the picture below, the modern house is shown off from a distance. It has a very symmetrical design, and a beautiful garden to accompany it! There is a hedge that goes all the way around the garden which means this particular design would be perfect alongside lots of other houses in a residential area.


The modern house doesn’t have a very big garden, but it still has room for a swimming pool which I think is pretty cool! You can also get a great view of the swimming pool and the rest of the garden from the upstairs and downstairs windows!


Here’s a look at the front entrance – it is nice and simple, but it looks pretty nice and has been decorated with potted flowers.


The inside is looking pretty fancy – below a tabletop counter can be seen, and a nice big table is also here.


Here’s a look at the kitchen! There is a fridge here, a cooker and a few other awesome custom-built appliances.


So what do you all think of this particular modern house design? I thought it was very large and it had a lot of space, which is sometimes something that modern houses don’t have.