Hey guys! We are back with the second portion of the castle design contest winners! Below, I have showcased the last three winners! Take a look at the great designs below!

Winner four: Baby Hippo

For the fourth winning design we have a really colorful castle by Baby Hippo! Here is a first look at the castle.

IMG_2818 (1)

Here’s a bird’s eye view.

IMG_2819 (1)

Here is a view of the inside of this castle!

IMG_2820 (1)

Winner five: TraverseInTime and The Night Crafter

Here is the fifth winning design! This design is by TraverseInTime and The Night Crafter! I really like the unique design of this castle, and I think it’s the most original creation so far from this contest!


Here is a look at one of the interior rooms of the castle. This image shows off the dining room.


And here is another view of the interior of the castle created by TraverseInTime and The Night Crafter!


Winner six: crosscover10

The next design is made by crosscover10! This design looks like a very fancy English castle built for a king or a prince. I like the outer garden area!


The detailed castle building is also very cool! Here is a view showing off the roof.


Here is the final image of this design.


I want to give a massive thanks to everybody that entered this contest! It was the most fun contest I’ve had the honor to take part in so far! Congratulations to all of the winning designs, you guys are all awesome! Check back tomorrow for a new fun build contest!

Hey guys! My oh my, have I had fun looking through all of your amazing designs today! So many of you have submitted your great castle designs that I have been swamped by emails! Because there were so many great designs I just couldn’t pick out three winning designs. So, without further ado, I am going to be showing off the first ever 2 part build design winners!

In this post I will be showing off three winning designs, and later today you will be able to take a look at three more! Make sure to stay tuned, because the next winners will be revealed within the next two hours!

Winner one: BiohazardBacon

The first winner is BiohazardBacon with his amazing castle. This design has a fairly normal shape to it, but the work that went into the castle towers and walls is very unique.


Bird’s eye view.


Close up courtyard view.


Winner two: XShadowWolf

XShadowWolf has tried to replicate the Hogwarts castle, and it looks great! Here is the first image of XShadowWolf’s design.


Here is a look at the moving stairs in the castle!


Another view of the Hogwarts replica.


Winner three: Emberwave

For the third winner, we have a very unique castle design from Emberwave!


Here is another view of Emberwave’s winning design! This image shows off the inner courtyard.


Here is one final look at the winning design from Emberwave.


Winners four to six: …

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for More Winners Later Today!

Which designs do you like the most from winners 1-3?

Hey guys! I have a really awesome seed that I would like to share with you all today. this seed was sent in by xXSilentSinsXx and it looks absolutely amazing. In this seed you will be able to find a bunch of mountains and floating terrain – if you look crazy terrain seeds, you should definitely check it out! Take a look below.

Seed name: next

And here is the first look at this seed! Doesn’t it look crazy! In this image, a floating rock can be seen. To the right of the rock there is a mountainous area. Below the rock there is a small cave entrance in the side of a hill.

image (15)

Here is another view showing off one of the floating islands. This island isn’t floating completely because it is attached to the ground. There is only a very small amount of dirt attaching this giant rock to the ground though, so it looks as if it is floating! If you look closely, you can see that there is lava pouring out of this rock!

image (16)

I really like the way the water in this seed flows in and out of the terrain. All of the ground is really high up so most of the rivers are in big valleys, like the one shown below.

image (17)

This final image show off some more of the floating terrain in the area. You can also see into the distance and a big forest can be spotted.

image (18)

What did you think of all of the crazy terrain in this seed? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

I absolutely love amazing modern house designs, but my favorite types of creations in Minecraft are survival designs. It takes a lot of skill to make a good looking house in survival mode, and that’s exactly what FireWarriorr and JetBlackTracker have recently done! To top it off, the design they built was a modern house! Take a look at their creation below.

Here is a look at the modern house design! This image shows off the side – you can see the bottom floor, the top floor and the balcony area on the top floor.

image2 (13)

Here is a look at the back of the modern house. There are a few spots that have been made out of stone – I’m assuming these guys ran out of white wool! I think it looks good though because the stone has been placed in certain areas so that a pattern is created.

image1 (15)

Here is a first look into the interior of this design! The inside walls have been built out of stone blocks, and the floors are made out of wood planks. The first room you will come to when going through the balcony entrance is the bedroom! This is an interesting house layout, but I think it works well.

image4 (11)

This is the bottom floor of the modern house design.

image3 (13)

Finally, here is a look at the top of the balcony. You can see quite far into the distance from this spot.

image6 (3)

What did you all think of this design? Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section.