Hey guys! I thought you might be interested to see what features the MinecraftPECheats community are most excited about from the upcoming 0.11.0 update! There were five features that I mentioned yesterday, all of which I put in a poll. 24 hours later, we have had almost 1,000 votes on the poll, and your thoughts are quite varied!


One thing that was clear is that cave spiders got less than 1% of votes! In fact, only 10 people voted for cave spiders, which is understandable because they will make digging in caves more of a challenge. Do you thin poisonous cave spiders will just make mining underground more frustrating?

In second place, status effects got just under 10% of votes. I think this may be because not many people understand what they do. So far, we aren’t sure either! Potions won’t be in 0.11.0, so we aren’t sure how the effects will be implemented, but we will let you know more about this once it has been revealed.


Not far ahead is boats with just 11% of votes! I thought more of you would vote for this option – I personally think boats will be quite useful, and they should work a bit better than the PC version thanks to the standalone paddle tool that will be used to control it.

Jumping up to a huge 30% of votes is the game mode switch! We already know this is a feature you have all been waiting for, so I’m glad you guys are happy to finally get this in 0.11.0.


As for skins, 50% of all votes (that’s half of you!) voted for this choice. Let’s just say that a lot of you can’t wait to dress your own characters! We can’t wait to have some fun with skins when they come out!

Hey guys! I have a pretty interesting seed that I would like to share with you all today! This seed is an old world seed, so make sure to pick this setting in the menu. In this seed, you will find a set of small islands, and honestly, that’s about it! Playing survival mode on this seed may be a little too hard, but it could be a good blank canvas for creative mode. Take a look at the seed below. Thanks goes to Fireflame2004 for finding this seed!

Seed name: 0.10.0 will be awesome

In the first picture, I want to show you the biggest patch of land you will find in this seed, along with your only hope to survive on survival mode! As you can see below, there are two trees on a small island, but these are literally the only trees you will find! In the corner of the map, there are a few bits of land.

image (18)

Most of this world is filled with water, so you could use it to build a big boat, an island or any other kind of water based design if you do not feel up for playing it on survival mode.

image (19)

If you do play it on survival mode, you are going to have a challenge ahead of you though! Besides from the land that can be seen above, this wedge of sand below is practically the only other land in the entire world!

image (22)

What did you all think of this seed? Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Hey guys! I have a pretty cool design to share with you all! This design was made in survival mode, and it features a really big city. We have shared quite a few city designs on here, but this may be the  best survival city I have ever seen! There are all sorts of buildings, including skyscrapers and hotels. Take a look at the design below!

In the first screenshot, you will be able to see a building that has been built out of materials that can be pretty much found anywhere, although the pillars are made out of mossy cobblestone, which can only be found in some areas, such as taiga biomes or mob spawners. This building looks like some kind of hotel or travel lodge, and I bet the inside is nice and cosy!

image6 (4)

In the next picture, a big skyscraper can be seen, as well as a road area. There is a small building within a forest which has been built out of taiga wood and cobblestone. Behind it, there is a flying hot air ballon! It looks as if this screenshot was taken from another hot air balloon as well. To the left, the skyscraper has been built out of stone, glass and white wool.

image5 (8)

Here are some more buildings! All of the different colors here have been made with different wool types, although there are a couple of sandstone buildings as well.

image4 (9)

What did you all think of this design? Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Hey guys! Two of our favorite Minecraft builders, Nipplefish and Fluffy, have teamed up to make an incredibly detailed new design, and it looks absolutely amazing! The design is a haunted mansion, and it is incredibly impressive in my opinion. We usually only show 4-5 pictures of each design, but today I’m going to be showing 7 screenshots, because it looks so good! Take a look below.

First up, we have a good view of the back of the abandoned mansion! As you can see, this building is huge, and it has been filled with overgrowth, which gives it a nice abandoned feel.

Photo 2

Here is the entrance! There is a big stone path that leads up to the front door. Something seems a little eerie about this entrance, though…

Photo 1

The spookiness doesn’t end there! The inside looks like something out of a vampire movie!

Photo 7

Would you ever be brave to go and stay in a big abandoned mansion like this? Here is a spooky looking hospital area.

Photo 9

There is a very nice courtyard area in the center of the mansion that has a large water fountain, and some interesting patterns engraved into the stone path. Here you can see all of the overgrowth that has grown over the building.

Photo 5

Here is a view of the side of the building. At the top, Fluffy can be seen standing on the roof. This gives you a good idea about just how big this design is!

Photo 3

Here is a bird’s eye view so that you can see the exact layout of the design! Everything here is hand built – it must have taken ages!

Photo 4

What did you think of this epic design? Feel free to leave your thoughts below.