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This is the best seed list for Minecraft Pocket Edition on the entire internet!

This is the newest and best seeds list for MCPE in the entire universe.

These seeds are for the latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

All seeds are working as of July 2017 for Minecraft PE latest update.

First Seed For The BEST SEEDS LIST: -1996230453

Find Jungle temples at spawn with MCPE seed -1996230453.

Second Minecraft PE Best Seed: -200889213

Find a double Village and a Stronghold near spawn with MCPE seed -200889213.

Third Minecraft PE Best Seed: -368048932

Find : two Jungle Temples at spawn siwth seed -368048932.

Fourth Seed: -791451965

Find an ocean monument at spawn.

Fifth Seed: fan fiction

Find small islands and lots of villages spread out across the sea.

Sixth: 128388

Find an end portal directly below the block you spawn on.

Seventh BEST SEEDS LIST Seed: 77301621

Find a witch hut and some villages next to spawn.

Eight: -1918652647

This seed includes a swamp village next to spawn! It also features a big witch hut in the village.

Ninth: Epic PE Seed: 1071294763

Find a desert temple and more with this seed!

The Tenth Best Minecraft PE Seed: -1825102492

Use this seed to find an epic stronghold near spawn.


11th: 21chicken

Find huge mountains and caves!

12th In The Best Seeds List: best­ingseedintheworld

Is this the best seed in the world? Use it in MCPE to find out!

13th: 2007427978

This will spawn you in a beautiful flower forest.

14th: 3175872487

Find a jungle temple near spawn with this epic PE seed.

15th: 2072006993

Here’s our first woodland mansion seed for the best seeds list.

16th: 999

Call 999! This seed is too hot to handle! Find a village near spawn and much more!

17th: -1455702173

Village, dungeon, desert temple, gold mine, mineshaft. You name it, this seed has it!

18th: 1404986100

Moo-ve out the way guys! I’ve found the best mooshroom island seed for Minecraft PE!


Crash straight into a desert village filled with goodies with this seed.

20th: -1164580755

Find a village and ocean monument by using seed -1164580755.

21st: -638940970

Find a blacksmith and a village by using seed -638940970.

22nd: -962118007

Explore this seed far enough and you’ll find a desert temple, two zombie mob spawners, and an underground cave system.

23rd: 343145341

This is a triple snow village seed! It’s amazing! Learn more about it here.

24th: xnxx

Find multiple villages near spawn with the seed xnxx. Check it out in detail here.

25th: -917596376

Find an Elder Guardian and an Ocean Monument in this spectacular seed. Learn more here.


26th: 128388

Find a stronghold at spawn. Use this guide to locate the stronghold.

27th: 1831368756

This is a quadruple village and stronghold seed. Watch a video if it here!

28th: 33882893

Find a quick and easy desert at spawn with this seed.

29th: -999999999

This is the perfect swampy savannah seed!

30th: -855752033

Find a Glitched Village at spawn with seed -855752033.

31st: 274644153

Use seed 274644153 to find an Igloo At Spawn.

32nd: -396676922

Use seed -396676922 to find a Woodland Mansion At Spawn.

33rd: 3322636929

Use seed 3322636929 for another great Woodland Mansion spawn.

34th: 187626364

Use seed 187626364 to find an Ice Spikes Village at spawn.

35th: 1722489668

Use seed 1722489668 to find a jungle temple at spawn.


36th: 2057574331

Use seed 2057574331 to find two villages and more at spawn!

37th: -962186478

Looking for sand villages? Seed -962186478 has two of them near spawn!

38th: -2041696679

A stronghold and an ocean monument under the water near spawn? Yep, this seed has it!

39th: -1588309647

If you don’t like the seed above, this one has an underwater ocean monument near spawn too.

40th: -111411759

Find a stronghold near the spawn. The stronghold has a dungeon in!

41st: -1850349118

Use this to find a mesa village at spawn.

42nd: 1628823125

This epic mountain seed reminds me of the old days of MCPE and the fabled nyan seed.

43rd: 769542525

Use this to find a village floating in the water near spawn!

44th: 1408106526

Find two villages and a stronghold at spawn with this seed. Watch this video for more.

45th: 1867953500

Looking for a big jungle? If so, this is the seed for you!


46th: -2057980897

This seed has a very large mooshroom island in it, right next to spawn. Learn more here.

47th Minecraft PE Seed: 916354462

You’ll find a big desert temple with this PE seed.

48th On The Best Seeds List: 1628586759

Is this the most epic Minecraft PE seed ever? It has strongholds, treasures, and so much more!

49th Best Minecraft PE Seed: 46281

Find a big mesa right near spawn with this seed.

50th Best seeds – MCPE Seed: 2071158721

If you like the savannah biome, you’ll like this seed. It features a savanna village right next to spawn.

Did you like reading through our brand new Minecraft PE best seeds list? If you want more epic Minecraft PE seeds, check out our list of seeds below.

This is the best seed list for Minecraft Pocket Edition on the entire internet!

The Seeds Are Below –

(Please note – these seeds could now be outdated.)

  • Rooster

  • nyan

  • 237

  • Arran

  • fly

  • Flying Pigs

  • EPIC

  • hen

  • Cheppa

  • hole

  • fat

  • Family

  • lost

  • Friday

  • Doom

  • Airplanes

  • Jacob

  • church

  • Adventure Time


  • Marco

  • Archespore

  • Zombie Jesus

  • golf

  • Bart

  • Love

  • Television

  • cliff

  • Moon

  • Mars

  • Spain

  • pluto

  • Gir

  • WA

  • NSW

  • QLD

  • SA

  • Alcatraz

  • 911

  • Water

  • Bomb

  • IDK

  • Saturn

  • Earth

  • 909090

  • pop

  • devil

  • eBay

  • V

  • 0.4.0

  • NPC

  • mt

  • 666666

  • farm

  • hunter

  • xda

  • Noxid

  • Towa

  • 1

  • pyramid

  • castle

  • bones

  • skull

  • 404

  • Tornado

  • Spork

  • Jaw

  • Alcatraz

  • Bomb

  • Wall

  • Gold

  • Pluto

  • Saturn

  • Earth

  • Murcury

  • Sun

  • Moon

  • Beta

  • Mojang

  • Herobrine

  • gargamel

  • tetris

  • 69

  • waterworld

  • Kyle & Stan

  • skull

  • Zombie

  • Spider

  • Skeleton

  • google

  • castle

  • Dirt

  • Void

  • Hate

  • NO

  • Camera

  • Mojang

  • HDTV

  • omega

  • Beastopia

  • OR

  • ID

  • chip

  • mountain

Enjoy the seeds!