Hey guys! The map creators contest has come to a close, and that means it is time to share the winning map with you all! The creator of the winning design is Cajun Miner, and his map is called Ultima. Take a look at the map and download it below!

Like mentioned above, this map is called Ultima, and it features a load of castles, buildings and areas within a unique fantasy city!

You may have seen a couple of designs like this before – Cajun Miner has sent in this building for example, but he has never shown us the whole world. This entire map has been in creation for a very long time now!

I highly recommend checking out all of the different castles and buildings. Once you have, you should come back here and let us know what you think!

Cajun Miner has thought about so many small details you wouldn’t expect to see in most designs. He has included different, unique areas, including a graveyard!

Download this map here: https://gust.box.com/s/gv8ywfamqqns8jcbopgsa24551mpis1p

What about my map?

Don’t worry, if you entered into this contest you will have your design shared in the very near future, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled!

I don’t know how to upload maps!

If you couldn’t enter this contest because you didn’t know how to upload maps, don’t worry. We are preparing some very easy to follow tutorials that will help you to upload and install your maps! These videos will be for both Android and iOS!

Hey guys! The other day I posted up two posts that listed all of the features that are going to be featured in update 0.11.0. So far, there is a lot to get excited about, but now that we know about all of the different features coming, which new thing are you looking forward to most? We’ll go over a quick overview below, and then you can make your vote in the poll. I’d love to know your opinions of the features coming in 0.11.0!



This is the main feature of update 0.11.0. This feature will allow players to dress up how they want by installing skins from the internet!


Boats will allow players to travel across large areas of water much easier! Boats in MCPE will support two seats!

Creative/Survival switch

The creative/survival switch will allow players to switch between creative and survival mode at the tap of a button!

Pressed Dirt

Pressed dirt will be a new block type used for roads on pre-generated villages. Whilst making village roads look better, pressed dirt will also be useable as an extra building block for your designs!


With fishing, players will be able to catch fish and then cook them to eat! The fish will give players more health, just like with other food items in Pocket Edition. We know so far that there will be two types of fish in MCPE.


Bats are non-aggressive mobs that add a bit more life to MCPE at night time!

Cave Spiders

Cave spiders will live in caves and can do poison damage!

What Feature Are You Looking Forward to Most?

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Which option did you choose?

Hey guys! I have a bunch of cool images showing off the interior of a large hotel design, created by DaceyRay! The hotel has been filled with villagers, and it really feels like the place is bustiling with activity.

In the first image, shown below, the entry area of the hotel can be seen. There is a check in desk where visitors must check in to get their room keys! At the desk, there is a villager who looks more than happy to provide help to any hotel visitors!

There is a very large communal area where people can come and relax and socialize! In the image below, the communal area can be seen, and villagers are walking all around this area. This room is pretty simple, but the nice color choice makes the room feel very relaxing and welcoming.

In the next image you can take a look at what the standard hotel room looks like in this design! As you can see, the room has a double bed in it, a stack of book shelves, a small table and a crafting table. The floor is decorated with a single black carpet.

This hotel is pretty fancy. There is even a swimming pool in this design! In the image shown below, the swimming pool can be seen. Lots of villagers are getting ready to have a swim here.

What did you all think of this design? Feel free to leave any thoughts or opinions you may have in the comments section below.

Hey guys! I have a really cool design that I would like to share with you all today! This design features a large modern mansion that, in my opinion, looks really awesome! The building has a bunch of unique rooms and interior decorations, and I think that’s what I like the most about this design. Take a look at the design, created by a Minecrafter by George, below.

In the first picture, which can be seen below, the modern house is shown! There are four pillars outside the front that look like they are inspired by greek architecture! The roof is pretty simple, but it’s the inside that has the most interesting designs.

Here is one of the interior areas of this design. A small hallway that leads to the different rooms in the building can be seen above the stairs, and below, there are two hot tubs on either side of the walkway. The wall is completely decorated with different paintings, and in one corner there is a huge lava fall. There is also a wooden chandelier attached to the ceiling of this room.

The lava and water theme seems to be pretty popular all throughout this design! Here is an image showing off another room that has a large pool of water in it. Right next to the pool of water, there is a wall of lava. This adds light to the room, but I imagine it would make the owners of the house feel pretty cozy too!

Here is a screenshot showing off another view of the same room above.

Did you like this design? Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Hey guys! I have a really cool seed that I would like to share with you all today! This seed is for an old world, but it features lots of awesome terrain that is definitely worth checking out. Thanks goes to FreddyFazbear345 for sending in this seed. Take a look at the seed below.

Seed name: Jungle4Dayz

Seed type: Old World

One of the coolest things about this seed is that it has a large area that is covered in mountains and hills! In the image shown below, one of the mountains can be seen. This kind of terrain is spread all around the map! A lot of the terrain is split up by small streams and rivers, and they usually wind their way through the gaps in the terrain.


This mountain has a small area underneath it that could be used to build a base in! It might need a little work to make it larger, but it definitely has great potential to be a base.


Whilst there is a lot of rocky terrain in this seed, there are some more grassy areas too. In the next image, a flower forest biome can be seen! This place has a lot of open terrain, plenty of flowers and quite a lot of trees too!


But it’s the mountains and hills that take up the majority of space in this old world. Here is an image showing off a large mountainous area covered in trees.


What did you think of this seed? Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.