Hey guys! I have a really awesome map to share with you all today! This map is a fun hunger games map that you can download and play with your friends, and it’s one of the most creative hunger games maps I’ve seen in a while! The world is split up into four different biomes, each with their own set of terrain! Underneath all of the biomes, there is a hidden cave filled with mobs!

In this picture, all four biomes can be seen from the starting point! In the center of the world, all of the biomes come together, and there is a circle of chests here filled with all kinds of goodies!


One of the biomes is this epic nether biome! This one is probably the most dangerous one to travel across, but I expect there will be a bunch of good chests in here.


The second biome is a sand biome – this one feels a bit empty, but you never know where you might find a chest lying around!


The third biome is a grass biome! This one has a small lake in it, and a few ditches and hills that chests could be craftily hidden in.


The final biome is an ice and snow biome! I wonder if there are any chests buried in the snow..


Like mentioned before, underneath all of the biomes there is a bunch of mobs hiding in a secret cave area!


Download this map here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iilfs7rr90dzawf/HG%20Map%20of%20Domme3011.zip

Learn how to install maps: http://minecraftpecheats.com/2013/04/27/how-to-get-maps-minecraft-pocket-edition/

Original post: http://mcpeuniverse.com/maps/the-4-biomes-hg-map/

What do you all think of this map? It looks pretty interesting, and I think it could be a whole lot of fun if you managed to get a bunch of friends to play with!

Hey guys! Today I have some pretty cool news about a feature that hasn’t been talked about much so far, and this is the new upcoming crafting screen that is planned for update 0.9.0! There was a bit of discussion about this before, but we weren’t certain whether it would actually come to update 0.9.0 or not.

Today, I can confirm that a new crafting screen will be coming to update 0.9.0, and it actually sounds pretty cool! In fact, not only do we now know that there will be a new crafting screen in update 0.9.0, but Johan also posted a picture of it on his Twitter! Below the picture can be seen, and I think it looks awesome!


When update 0.8.0 came out, a new menu was created for creative mode, however, the survival screen has stayed the same for quite a while now. The picture above is what we are going to see when opening up the crafting table when update 0.9.0 is released! Unlike the PC version, we won’t have to drag supplies into the squares on the right, and this area will simply serve as a space to show what things are needed to craft different items.


In the picture above, we can see the current creative menu! The new crafting menu fits in with the theme of the creative menu, and when it is released, the overall interface should feel a lot more complete!

What do you think of the new crafting menu? Leave your thoughts and comments in the section below!


Hey guys! I have a really cool seed to share with you all today! This seed has a bunch of huge hills and overhangs in, and it’s got some of the most crazy terrain I’ve seen in quite a while! This seed was sent in to us by SlenderBrine2000, so thank you for sending it in – this is a great seed! Check out the seed name and pictures of the seed below.

Seed Name: I Am A Belieber

This is one of the many overhangs that can be found in this seed! This particular overhang has a nice amount of area underneath it, which could be perfect for building under! You could also turn the top of the overhang into some kind of land bridge.


Inside one of the various overhangs found on this seed, there is a small hidden cave area that could be turned into an epic secret base! In this picture, the inside of the cave can be seen. This cave is also covered in coal which is pretty cool.


In this picture you can see some of the great terrain that can be found in this seed! This seed is literally filled with all kinds of hills, mountains and overhangs, and it looks really amazing!


If you want to make a house design with a view, this is definitely a great seed to use, because no matter where you build, you’ll always have a great view out of your house window!


What are your opinions of this seed? I personally think this seed looks really awesome – you can leave your own thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

Hey guys! I have a pretty awesome design to share with you today! ThatAARONkid has made a big farm with a few different buildings on it, including a very nice and detailed barn! I think this design is really nice, and hopefully you’ll get some ideas for your own barn designs when you have a look at the pictures shown below.

The picture posted below shows off the main farm house – this is where the owners of the farm will live, and despite farms usually sitting in the middle of the countryside, this house looks nice and fancy, and could fit in with any other house from a neighborhood in a city!

image (8)

Here’s a look at the inside of the farm house – it looks very fancy! There is a big sofa in the center of the room and a huge flatscreen TV, as well as a small cooking area in the far right corner.

image (9)

In this picture you can see a couple of the barn buildings! These are used for storing the animals at night, and it serves as their home on cold or rainy days.

image (10)

Here’s a look inside the barn. It’s absolutely packed with cows!

image (11)

And finally, in this picture you can see a truck that has just packed up a huge stack of hay and is ready to deliver it across the country!

image (12)

What are your opinions on this design? I personally really like it! Feel free to leave your own thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.