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Hello everyone! We’re back to share the results for the build contest! We received quite a lot of designs this time, but we’ve picked out two designs to be the runner ups. We’ll leave it down to the community to vote on which design you think should be the winner!

The owner of the winning design will get a $10 gift card for Google Play or iTunes! We’ll contact the winner via email after the votes have come in. Now that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at the competing designs.

First we have a server entrance design from Gahmn. He has sent in plenty of designs in the past and this server entrance is just as impressive as the rest of his designs!

image3 (7)

Here’s another view of the same design! This time, at day time and from a different angle.

image2 (6)

The highlight of this design is certainly the large dragon sculpture.

image3 (6)

Next up, we have a design from BlissyB! This design features a castle with a detailed interior area. Here’s a first look at the castle from a distance.

image3 (8)

Next we have a closer view of the castle and the surrounding moat.

image4 (5)

The outside of this castle is just the beginning!

image2 (7)

And here’s a first look at the castle interior! It’s looking fancy already.


What do you think of this castle room so far?


I think it’s impressive, but does it beat Gahmn’s design?


Which design did you like the most? Leave a vote below!

Which Design Deserves the Win?

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11 replies to this post
  1. I completed this at around February-March and I forgot to send it until April 20th lol

  2. Is anyone able to see the vote meter? I’m not. If you can, I would like to know the results.

  3. 58 voted for Gahmn making 76 percent, 18 voted for BlissyB making 24 percent as of June 4

  4. Only 76 people voted, despite a post 2 months ago saying “get your design seen by the thousands”