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Hey guys! Minecraft news time! I have something really cool to share with you today! Woodland mansions are making their way to the next Minecraft Pocket Edition update. Woodland mansions are brand new generated structures. They spawn randomly throughout the world, just like desert temples and villages. Watch the video below to learn more!

The woodland mansions are extra special because they are one of the largest pre-generated structures to be released for Minecraft, and there are lots of goodies waiting inside. That’s if you can face up against all of the hostile mobs on the inside!

I managed to find a woodland mansion in the PC version of Minecraft and I thought I’d show you my way around. There are dozens of chests hidden inside woodland mansions and they can spawn a variety of different loot items. In these chests, you can find diamond chestplates, golden apples, gold ingots, enchanted books and much, much more!


I can’t wait to see Woodland mansions make their way to Minecraft Pocket Edition! Are you excited to see these new structures added to Pocket Edition? Let us know by leaving a comment over at Minecraftpecheats.com. Make sure to come back for more Minecraft news every day.

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