Home Update News Totem of Undying – Minecraft 1.1

Hey guys! I’ve got some more Minecraft news to share today! A new item called the Totem of Undying will be coming to Minecraft 1.1. This item will keep players alive when they’re brought to zero health!


To get the Totem of Undying, you’ll need to kill the Evoker. The Evoker is a hostile version of a villager which can be found in woodland mansions. The woodland mansions are new buildings that will spawn into the game randomly like other structures do. The woodland mansion will be filled with hostile creatures and it’ll be a great place to find rare loot like the Totem of Undying!


Whilst the Totem of Undying will revive you when you die, the item will be destroyed. If you want to stay extra safe, you could collect multiple totems before you head off into dangerous territory!

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  1. Lol it’s so annoying @VorsawMyArse, I think they are too lazy, or they just haven’t gotten around to it.