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Hey guys! Did you know that in the latest Minecraft update, llamas will be coming to MCPE? We recently shared a Minecraft news post about the upcoming 1.1 update. It will add a number of new features, including the new llamas that will appear in the wild.


Here are some facts about llamas in Minecraft.

  • Llamas can be tamed just like horses can. Once llamas are tamed, you can ride them and store items in them.
  • Llamas can carry chests to give them expanded storage space.
  • You can also give llamas carpets to wear. Each carpet color will give your llama a unique look.
  • Wild lamas will not attack you unless you attack them first!
  • Tamed llamas can be bred by feeding two llamas hay bales


What do you think of llamas? Will you try to tame a llama when the new 1.1 update hits? Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments box and come back for more regular Minecraft news posts.

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