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Hello everyone! Update 1.1 is coming to Minecraft soon! This latest update will feature a huge number of new features, including new animals, new buildings, and more!

The new 1.1 update has been nicknamed the ‘Discovery’ update, and there’s good reason for it! Here’s the official description from the Minecraft website.

“Barter with a cartographer for a treasure map, sling your supplies into a llama’s pack (or into a shulker box) and embark on an epic quest to locate the dank and dangerous forest mansion! Does your route take you across an impassable river? The Enchantment of Frostwalking will solve that problem! Meanwhile, the Enchantment of Mending will keep your swordblade sharp no matter how many mobs you slay along the way. Defeat the sinister illagers who lurk within the mansion and make off with their precious loot – the Totem of Undying – and cheat death as you throw yourself into further peril!"

Here is a first look at one of the features in the upcoming update.


Another look at the update. Llamas are coming!


What do you think of this Minecraft news? Are you excited for update 1.1?

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  1. The carpet looks brighter, which was an update included with terricota blocks, and colored ‘sand’ and concrete blocks… If that’s in that update I’m gonna be so hyped cuz I love the new concrete blocks 😛
    (JUST A WARNING, if you test the terricota blocks, the blue and orange one specifically, it creates the natzi symbol… I have no idea why Jeb decided to approve of those blocks 😕)

  2. and, LLAMAS!!!! I WANNA LLAMA LLAMA LLAMA! But not one that poops in my car.. -_- I WANNA PURPLE LLAMA LLAMA FRIENDLY LLAMA AND A MAMA LLAMA!!! I’m not payin that much for a mama llama mama. -_-
    You can sense that guys rage in the song heh heh

  3. it’s a design that’s built on to the texture, that’s meant to be there. Don’t get salty over there