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Hey guys! I have some more Minecraft news to share with you today!

Firstly, the 1.o.5 update is now being pushed out to iOS, Android, and other platforms. This means that players will be able to make use of the new 1.0.5 command blocks very soon!

In other news, the 1.0.6 beta has been released for Android users that are opted into the Android beta. This latest update is another small one, but it has a number of changes and tweaks. The biggest new feature in update 1.0.6 is the new Minecraft Worlds feature within the store. With this feature, players will be able to purchase pre-built worlds, starting with a Redstone Mansion design.

Take a look at the patch notes for the 1.0.6 beta below.

New Features:
The Worlds section has been added to the Store, featuring the Redstone Mansion!
In-game messages/changelogs are no longer tied to new updates
The jump range of slimes is now correct
Bug Fixes:
Skeleton horses spawned from traps can now be tamed and ridden
Baby mobs once again make idle sounds
Blocks that are destroyed by the Wither will now drop properly
Arrows fired from a dispenser will now hit entities directly in front of the dispenser
Snow Golem pumpkin heads will now properly scale with Add-Ons
Fixed the ‘Cancel’ button not appearing when downloading content from the Store without wi-fi
Fixed a crash that occurred when changing the storage location of an imported resource pack set to active in Global Resources

Make sure to come back regularly for more updates on Minecraft news.

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