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Hey guys! I’ve just received a design from PapasBlocks. He has built a school with many different buildings, classrooms, and more. Take a look at the design below.

First up, we have a look at one of the school hallways. Oak doors lead to class, the birch doors are lockers


Here’s a picture of the school theatre!


Here’s a shot of one of the many classrooms in this Minecraft design.


Here’s the school gym! This is one of the largest rooms in the entirety of the school.


Although not quite as big as the gym, the school cafeteria is quite large.


This is the commons area. It’s where most students hang out, catch up on homework and eat their lunch.


What did you think of this Minecraft design! Thanks to PapasBlocks for sending this creation in.

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  1. Well… the front is too bland, some of the ceilings are too low and rooms are too small, it’s very plain.

  2. Need depth n detailing. Bad choice of materials. Landscaping needed and more spacey halls.