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Hey guys! We are back with three more awesome MCPE servers! If you’re looking for a new place to play, we have you covered. Take a look at the servers in the spotlight below.

#1 Synchronous Factions


This server features CrateKeys, an Economy mod, factions and plenty of other great features. The server has a max player population of 100, but it’s usually a lot quieter. Perfect for those looking for a less hectic multiplayer experience. Join with this IP: synch.scalacube.org

#2 RainyGames


RainyGames is the perfect MCPE server if you’re looking to quickly jump on with your friends without distractions from other players. There’s only a total of 15 slots currently, but this server features parkour and PVP. Join with this IP: a12032.leet.cc:12032

#3 MC Vika


MC Vika is a busy mini games server. With a max player limit of 70, which is almost always hit, this is the perfect place to play games like Duel, Spleef, TBTRun, MineSweeper, and more against other players. Join with this IP: mcvika.com

What did you think of these MCPE servers? Could any of these make your new favorite?

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  1. -I keep thinking that my server is gonna get up here, but then I realize this app only uploads great servers, like lifeboat and stuff like that-

  2. I just got crate keys for my server firs, what do I do with it? I think I know how to use it but idk what to do with it

  3. Pro-
    Crate keys would most likely be used for the members of your server who’d want their chests to only be usable by themselves. I don’t know how to use it though..you gotta ask a person who does know