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Hello MinecraftPECheats community!

Now that the website and app are working smoothly, it’s time to start up the fun again. We’d like to run a brand new build contest to give you all the chance to submit your best designs and get your best work showcased for the rest of the world to see. With this build contest, you’ll have the chance to create anything your mind can come up with. There won’t be a theme so you’re able to design absolutely anything.

You can send in your own design for the build contest and put ‘contest’ in the email title to submissions@minecraftpecheats.com.

Make sure to include screenshots and a username for us to refer to you by. The best three designs will be put up for the community to vote on. The winning design with the most community votes will receive a $10 gift card for either iTunes or Google Play! Good luck everybody! You have until April 20th to send in your designs!

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