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Hey guys! As you may know, the upcoming Minecraft Pocket Edition update will feature command blocks. Command blocks are special tools that can be used to implement special code and commands to create different machines and contraptions. It’s been an exciting Minecraft news week, but I wanted to take the time to show you exactly what command blocks can do.

First off, we have a great video from a Youtuber named ECKOSOLDIER. In his video, 10 different command block creations are shown in the beta build of MCPE 1.0.5.


Next up, we have another video that showcases the amazing potential of command blocks in MCPE. This video is actually for Minecraft on the PC, but when command blocks are available on MCPE, this could be possible on Pocket Edition.

The video below showcases a Youtuber that has built a working version of Pokemon Red in Minecraft! This is without the help of mods!

What are your thoughts on Minecraft command blocks? Are they exciting, or would you prefer different Minecraft news?

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