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Hey guys! In the latest beta build for the 1.0.5, Mojang has added a brand new skin pack! This pack is currently limited to beta users but it should make it’s way to the live game when 1.0.5 gets pushed to iOS, Windows Phone and non-beta Android devices.

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The new Minecraft skins available in update 1.0.5 are part of the new Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers skin pack. You’ll be able to play as all of the different colored Power Rangers, and there are a few skins for the different bad guys as well! The Power Rangers pack is a little more expensive than the other packs – it will cost $2.99 for a total of 20 skins. Most packs are usually $1.99 and contain a similar number of skins.

Will you be interested in checking out the new Power Rangers Minecraft skins? What kind of skins would you like to see added to Minecraft Pocket Edition in the future?

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