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Hey guys! We have received more patch notes for the 1.0.5 beta update and we can share some details about it here with you. The new 1.0.5 beta patch brings a number of bug fixes. Some of the fixes are for bugs that have been in the game for months so it’s quite exciting!

IMG_1757 (1)

Firstly, the touch screen will no longer get stuck continuing to drop items from the first hotbar slot. This is a glitch that has caused me problems time and time again so I’m glad to see it finally fixed. The commands in Minecraft have been improved now too. Inputting commands will return more useful messages about whether the command was successful or not.

The skin picker feature has now been fixed for Android users! If you’re on Android, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll be able to pick your skins again without any bugs once 1.0.5 releases.

The 1.0.5 beta build contains a bunch of other bug fixes, although most of the good ones have been mentioned above.

If you’d like to learn more about upcoming Minecraft news and future MCPE updates, make sure to stop by here again!


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