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Hey guys! We have just received a brand new seed from BigPiggyXL! This seed features a village near spawn – if you’re looking for a 1.0.4 MCPE seed to test out the new villager trading feature, this is the seed for you! Take a look at the Minecraft seed below!

Minecraft seeds name: BigPiggyXL

Minecraft seeds type: Infinite world

The village will be found to the left of the spawn. There is also a desert temple to the right! Here is a look at the spawn area.

IMG_0450 (1)

You’ll be able to find plenty of sugar cane in this seed. Oh, did we mention that there are TWO desert temples near spawn? In the picture below, both temples can be seen with the village in between.

IMG_0451 (1)

Let’s have a closer look at the villagers! You’ll be able to trade with these guys.

What did you think of this seed? Let us know if you would like to see more Minecraft seeds like this in the future.