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Hello everyone! If any of you are signed up to the Android 1.0.5 beta, you’ll be happy to know that build 2 has now been released. This new update introduces command blocks to Minecraft Pocket Edition and also adds a few other changes to the game. If you’re not able to access the 1.0.5 beta, don’t worry! It will be making it’s way to Android, iOS and Windows Phone very soon!

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With beta build 2, some issues with villagers have now been fixed. Villagers will now no longer pick up anything on the ground. Instead, only brown coated villagers will pick up items. The items that brown coated villagers can pick up will be limited to food items. This issue has caused a lot of issues in the past – Imagine dying near a villager with a diamond sword equipped? That would not end well!


The command blocks still need a bit of work, so it may be a week or two before the update gets pushed to iOS, Android and Windows Phone officially.

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  2. I also heard from RageElizer(a Minecraft YouTuber) that their would be dyable beds, so we could dye it like purple!!! That would be great!!! Whatever they do, I’m sure it will be an amazing update!!!!

  3. Hey Proslayer, I was randomly de-opped on your server so can you please op me again

  4. Wait, whaaaaaaaaaaa people?!?!?!!!!!!! I thought you needed the carpenters mod (on the cpu) to change the beds! If it becomes a real feature, I’m just gonna burst… Even though this next update MIGHT be a small update, it could also be one of the best 😬😀😄😃😆

  5. It’s not ganna be small!!!
    Sometime soon, IOS and Windows will also get the Betas with Android!!!
    The developers are working on the command blocks!!! The dyable beds might make it in, not this update, but the next one… we will have to see… I would expect some unmentioned stuff (they love to hide Easter eggs in their photos of gameplay) I’m not sure if anyone noticed (I didn’t right away) but we can trade with villagers now…
    If you want some Minecraft PE YouTubers, here-
    Minecraft PC YouTubers-
    Popular MMOS
    Mumbo Jumbo
    MrCrayfish-(mostly does redstone creations)

  6. Its a thing on server that gives you commands. I like to think of it as making you OP with commands lol.
    (There’s op means commands, and OP means overpowered)

  7. I wasn’t that excited, cuz I saw “new skins” and overlooked the trading… but PC has a new villager that wears green, but he doesn’t trade… I wonder why

  8. What job does the green villager do? I haven’t seen one and I’ve been playing the CPU version of mc for a long time

  9. Guys, awhile back I joked about making a part two to my proposal thing with the aliens. Sorry if it’s unrelated but thought you should know, I decided to actually do it. So here comes the wedding!