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Hello everyone! We used to run a weekly segment where we posted pixel art creations from the community. It was known as pixel art Tuesday, and it would land on the website on the app every single Tuesday.

It’s about time we start Pixel art Tuesday back up again! I’ll be starting this week with a throwback to some of our older pixel art submissions. If you would like to send your own pixel art designs in for next week’s pixel art Tuesday, please send screenshots of your pixel art design to submissions@minecraftpecheats.com.

First up we have a pixel art design from TheLemon. This is his own custom character that he has designed using Minecraft blocks.

TheLemon pixel art

Next we have a cool super Mario pixel art design.


A nice and simple design from B. It’s a fishing rod!

pixel art fishing rod

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  1. Yay I’m so happy your starting this back up! Also, I remember the Mario pixel art lol

  2. I remember the mario pixel art too… big deal 😕. lol jk. The mario one’s were really good