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Hey everyone! I have a massive creation to share with you all today. This latest Minecraft design was built by Shrimp mcpe and I think it’s awesome. The design is called the Stonehaven Citadel and it has a medieval architecture. Take a look at the design for yourself below.

Here is a first look at the citadel from a distance. The building has been built into the edge of a steep hill.

FullSizeRender (1)

Here’s a closer view of the building. So much detail has gone into this creation!

IMG_1745 (1)

This image is my favorite. You can see the building has been built right on the edge of an overhang.

IMG_1758 (1)

And here’s another view of the castle whilst the sun sets in the background.

IMG_1757 (1)

Did you like this Minecraft design? Make sure to leave your opinions in the comments section.

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  1. WOW WOW WOW WOW!! Shrimp how much would it cost to hire you on my server?!? PLEASE!! I NEED YOU!!

  2. OH my fooking gosh. Huge. Cool. Detailed. All checked. ONE OF THE BEST BUILDS ON THIS APP 👍👏👌😬

  3. Thanks guys for your kind comments! Great fun to build 😀quite a challenge building it on a hill/ mountain. My favourite build that I’ve made so far.

  4. Thanks guys! Glad you like it, having trouble posting sorry if my previous post pops up

  5. @phasmblaster333 lol yeah I build while I’m traveling which is a lot😀honestly I do have a life!

  6. Shrimp mcpe, I’ll definitely check that, and I’ll subscribe cuz your really good at building! 😂

  7. @BasketBallCole thanks 😀only mentioned you tube because it’s hard to see the detail from a pic be nice if there were more videos on the app not a criticism only a suggestion.

  8. Hey greenlightning14 this part of the map isn’t ready for download yet but will be shortly 😀 sorry for the delay

  9. Wait one burger flipping second. Did you make that 1:1 titanic map downloadable?!?!!
    that was probably one of my favorite builds on this entire APP! (Partly because I LOVE the titanic)

  10. Oh…

    I thought you made it cuz you both are really good at building, and I’m too lazy to check who made it lol