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Hey guys! I have a really awesome new Minecraft design that I’d like to share with you all today. This design was built by Captain Earls and it features something I haven’t seen in a while!

Captain Earl has built a house underneath the water! Captain Earl has achieved this by building a large glass shelter underneath the surface of the water, and within the glass shelter is the house itself. Take a look at the design below!

Here is what the design looks like from above the water! You can just about see the glass shelter.

2017-02-04 23.46.46 (1)

Here’s a look at inside the glass shelter. There is a single hole at the top of the glass shelter – this allows water to enter into the shelter and provide water for the farm, but it also works as an elevator and exit route!

2017-02-04 23.46.29 (1)

Next we have a look at the entrance of the house.

2017-02-04 23.45.34 (1)

Finally, here is a view of the house interior!

2017-02-04 23.47.31 (1)

What did you think of this Minecraft design? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. 👏🏻👏🏻 Nice that is cool and adorable. As Steve jobs said, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. 🍎