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Hype, hype, hype!


Hello everyone! After a long hiatus, we are back and we’re ready to share more awesome Minecraft content! Unfortunately we had an ongoing issue with the server but it’s now been resolved. We are deeply sorry for the issues, but we hope we can make it up to you over the following weeks.

We’ve got plenty of Minecraft news, new seeds, hidden cheats, glitches and more to share with you, so make sure to keep an eye out for new notifications and new daily posts from the MinecraftPECheats team!

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  1. Your mom came back, she said she was hype hype hyped. After the long hiatus, she couldn’t wait to get back to the pictures that were sent in through her inbox.

  2. It’s been forever since I’ve heard from you. I was wondering if you just quit my server

  3. Lol I quit this community. I want to check out your server pro, though. And maybe apply for builder. What was it again?

  4. I kinda knew I was being played Pro, so I told my parents and they said I should leave that server. I kinda left this app too cause I just needed a break, I was all ” oOwlyomyarse”

  5. That guy was around back then..? There was a VorsawMyArse guy too.. Probably the same people

  6. So owly, will you play on my server again? I just wanna know because we are building a new spawn and I need to know if I need to include your name in the staff