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  1. Hey Ollie I tried joining the server and it said invalid ip. I double checked but that server doesn’t work

  2. Gahmn, the reason I want to team is because it’s such a huge project. I want to team with you Gahmn because your really good at building natural looking terrain. And I don’t think we could split it so I would either give the money to whoever helped the most or I would put the money towards my server and give the helpers op. Because technically they would’ve donated

  3. The other day I was watching Kelly show (or whatever it’s called), it’s the one that used to be called Kelly and Michael Show. But anyway, they were talking about emojis and Kelly was saying how her mom misuses emojis, and she uses 😜 a lot. She said her txt her “me and your dad are watching tv 😜” 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣