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Hey guys! It’s about time we run a new build contest. This time we’ll be opening up the contest to everybody, and there will be no theme.

You can send in your own design for the build contest and put ‘contest’ in the email title to submissions@minecraftpecheats.com.

We’ll run the contest till February 12th, so you’ll have an entire month to submit your creations – put in as much effort as you’d like for this one! Once February 8th hits, we will be picking out our three favorite designs and from there we’ll leave it up to the community to vote for the best creation.

As always, the winner will be receiving a $10 gift card for either iTunes or Google Play! Good luck everybody!


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  1. @MazorRazor, thank you. I already tried to respond but it blocked my comment (it wasn’t inappropriate)

  2. Agent Abel, if Shrimp agrees to team up with me, and I get a couple people from my server you can be sure that I’ll win

  3. …I can’t win… I don’t even know how to submit stuff! (yes, I know how to click submit and stuff in the app but it doesn’t work) also, I’ll build it but I won’t be able to post

  4. Buuuuuut… I don’t think this is fair that I can’t get a $10 gift card just cuz of some glitch 🙁

  5. I’m recruiting skillful builders for the following:

    Natural structure builders
    Ancient Egyptian architects
    Builders who can easily follow directions

    If I win everyone who helps will receive op on my server! Gahmn & Shrimp, I would greatly appreciate if y’all could help. Because Gahmn is crazy good at making natural looking terrain and Shrimp is really good (as we all saw) with ancient builds

  6. Proslayer are you only teaming with so many people because you have no individual talent? Lol jk jk jk jk jk

  7. @Gahmn, I need your skills with building natural looking structures. My idea is to build an ancient Egyptian city and I can use Gahmn and shrimp’s skills

  8. Can I submit one again?
    Can I do anything, or just a house?
    And if I win (I just want to be in the top three) if I win, I don’t want the gift card

  9. @proslayer I would be delighted to help out, but I’m away from next week and don’t think I’ll have access to wifi:( I get back early Feb, if I’m any use to you then I can look in! Sorry about that.

  10. Sounds like a brilliant project really interesting I looked up some pictures etc then realised I was away:(

  11. You should definitely enter people! Wishing you the best of luck:) and to all of you guys!

  12. Even better proslayer! That’s brilliant if you need some help towards the end give me a shout😀

  13. But like seriously all this teaming you’re doing, proslayer, raises the question… Are you having other people do the contest because you can’t do it yourself? Plus how would the money be split? Could it even be split at all? How do we know if you aren’t going to take the money and the credit or the money but not the credit? There’s nothing we can confirm… So I don’t want to team with you, proslayer.

  14. TBH I don’t even enter contests, I just like to see all the really cool builds XD

  15. Gahmn, the reason I want to team is because it’s such a huge project. I want to team with you Gahmn because your really good at building natural looking terrain. And I don’t think we could split it so I would either give the money to whoever helped the most or I would put the money towards my server and give the helpers op. Because technically they would’ve donated

  16. With the terrain, there isn’t much I can help you with, especially in Egypt, where there aren’t mountains, simply the Nile river and dunes of sand… There’s nothing that you can’t do that I can

  17. If I don’t finish my project by feb than I’ll either just submit my city or I’ll submit one of the temples for the mcpe gods

  18. can’t wait to see Grahmns design he is the best builder I’ve seen on this app he is good

  19. You shouldn’t be able to submit the city, as that city was built by many people and even if it was built mostly by you other people who built the city won’t get the money