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Hey guys! We have some more pixel art Minecraft designs to share today! It’s been so long since we’ve shared any pixel art with you, so today is gong to be extra special. If you would like to send in your own pixel art designs, you can do so by submitting them to submissions@minecraftpecheats.com.

Here’s the first pixel art submission. It’s a design of togepi! Recently this Pokemon was added to Pokemon Go! Have you found it yet?


Next we have a detailed pixel art design of Koffin – this one looks really good!


What did you think of today’s pixel art Minecraft designs/ Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. I played Pokémon go for a bit:) I almost enjoyed it …. all that walking got in the way of mcpe lol

  2. In the world of Pokémon there are 3 people. Those who hate it, those who love it, and those who know nothing about it

  3. Wait, there are four the fourth is the people who are like “dude, it’s not that amazing. You don’t need to worship that picachu”

  4. Wait how could the people who know nothing about Pokemon but be still part of the three types of people in the world of Pokémon

  5. Lol. Well sry maybe I wasn’t clear, I meant other people around them are crazy about it and they know nothing about it so they don’t know what’s going on when people are screaming their heads off cause they got charzard or something