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Hey guys! I have a brand new Minecraft server to share with you today! This is a factions server so there’s a nice mix of survival, RPG elements, economy and a very community orientated atmosphere. Take a look at the server below!

Server IP : Gthz.playmc.pe
Server Port : 62352

Here’s a look at the spawn area. It was put together by the server community.


There’s a lot of activity on this server so if you’re looking for new people to play with this might be the place.


The world is scattered with all sorts of different player created buildings. You can get involved and create your own buildings too.


Why not give it a visit?


What did you think of this Minecraft server?

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  1. This is really cool! I’m hoping to add a factions world to my server if I can get enough donations

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  4. Hi MazorRazor, and bye SSawesomeSS, but it proves my point, he can’t think of an example of the Bible contradicting itself

  5. Youve argued over three people’s designs and ruined there experience of having there worlds published! I hope your feeling good about yourselves!

  6. Why don’t you build some stuff and post it! Do it together and you can both take equal credit. And while your building together you can discuss all of this rubbish at the same time! Grow up and stop being so selfish!

  7. @Shrimp, I did post something but it hasn’t been posted yet. SSawesomeSS never plays on my server and he won’t give me creative on his

  8. @Shrimp, I won’t argue with SSawesomeSS on this app anymore (unless it’s just that ridiculous or important), promise

  9. @proslayer242 you are both obviously very intelligent people! My point is that your continuous bickering doesn’t show either of you in good light!

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  11. Btw I have no argument with either of you! I’m a happy go lucky kind of guy, and I think when people post there design they deserve some respect

  12. I’ve said to much lol lighten up:) I look forward to more designs. There are so few mcpe sites so let’s not destroy this one:)

  13. Modern builds? I wish I could do them! Mine just look like squares with windows 😀 would love to see one of your creations! You give good advise so I’m sure they would be great!

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  17. And @Shrimp, I really like it how upbeat and positive you are and how you try not to get involved in arguments 😊. As for my modern building skills. I’m okay… I’m still learning. What I posted (that should be featured soon🤞) isn’t built by me, it was an AMAZING builder on my server named Tybuszeusky (everyone calls him Mr. T)

  18. @MazorRazer, it’s a long story. Me and SSawesomeSS used to be really good friends but as we realized how different we are and how different our beliefs are we just grew apart and started arguing and it just led up to here

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  29. @proslayer looking forward to your designs and it’s always good to be positive 😀 all is good!

  30. Seriously proslayer?! “And SSawesomeSS lies about stuff like this” YOU LIED TO US ALL SAYING MR. TYBUSZEUSKYS BUILD WAS YOURS

  31. @shrimp mcpe: Hi! Good to see another peacemaker around 😊 IDK if we’ve met yet or not, because its been a while since I’ve been on here. I’d hoped that the drama would’ve cooled down by now, but it looks like its gotten even worse 😞

  32. I know @•{Silvince}•! It’s also nice to see people again that have left after this fight started… Mostly @ProSlayer242 and @SSawesomeSS has been on fighting :/

  33. TBH I see no point in all the drama. We all have our fair share each and every day of our lives, unfortunately. But maybe we can just have a friendly conversation. How is your day going so far? I’m about to start school. Oh, and I’m homeschooled by the way 😊

  34. @ProSlayer242 i need to speak to you on your server…about all “this” that’s been happening

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