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Hey guys! I have a brand new Minecraft server to share with you today! This is a factions server so there’s a nice mix of survival, RPG elements, economy and a very community orientated atmosphere. Take a look at the server below!

Server IP : Gthz.playmc.pe
Server Port : 62352

Here’s a look at the spawn area. It was put together by the server community.


There’s a lot of activity on this server so if you’re looking for new people to play with this might be the place.


The world is scattered with all sorts of different player created buildings. You can get involved and create your own buildings too.


Why not give it a visit?


What did you think of this Minecraft server?

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  1. @ProSlayer242 i need to speak to you on your server…about all “this” that’s been happening

  2. You guys should leave this hell hole of an app. It’s horrible. Download amino for MINECRAFT crafters instead, it’s much better, better then sp. It’s free too.

    The app is sh!tier then all the minecraft clones there is