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Hey guys! I have a really awesome seed to share with you all today! This seed was found by VaderClone501. For those that don’t know, the recent 1.0 Minecraft Pocket Edition update has added igloos to the world.

With the seed I’ll be showing below, you’ll be able to find an igloo right at spawn! Take a look for yourself.

Minecraft seeds name: -1389818235

Minecraft seeds type: Infinite world

Here’s a look at the igloo you’ll be able to find at the spawn point. The igloo is hidden in a small frozen lake, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled!


Here is a look at the inside of the igloo. A free bed, furnace and crafting table!


It gets better. If you break the carpet, you’ll find a trap door.


Open the trap door and you’ll find a ladder that leads to a secret underground bunker!


Here’s the secret room! Look at all of the cool things in here!


The chest has a few useful things as well.


Igloos are now one of the best things to look out for! Maybe even better than a blacksmith’s and a desert temple.

What did you think of this Minecraft seed? If you have any Minecraft seeds, designs or other Pocket Edition things to share, you can submit them via email to submissions@minecraftpecheats.com.

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  1. Definitely trying! I still think desert temples are better tho cause they have 4 chests