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Hey guys! We’ll be doing something a little different today! We have a seed to showcase with you – it’s a seed that a Minecrafter has sent in, but instead of giving you screenshots of the seed, we’ll be telling you some of the features you can find.

You will have to go exploring to find these features yourself – let us know in the comments section if you manage to find any of them! If you all like this challenge, we may do more in the future, and may even consider turning it into a challenge!


Minecraft Seeds name: -962118007

Minecraft seeds type: Infinite world

Here’s the starting location of the seed.


You’l start in a jungle but you’ll also be able to find the following.

  • Desert Temple
  • Two Zombie Mob Spawners
  • Massive Underground Cave System

What did you think of this seed? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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