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Hey guys! My apologies for our post yesterday! A lot of you weren’t that excited about the teleportation method I posted, so I will make it up to you all by sharing a REAL teleportation device.

This teleport device require you to download a Minecraft mod. You can find the download link here.


With this mod you can create teleport devices and then when you want to teleport, simply tap the device and you can choose between any of the other devices that have been place down. With the tap of a button you’ll be teleported to your chosen destination.

You can name each teleport device so that you know where you’ll end up. To create a teleport device, you’ll need 6 redstones dust, 1 diamond and 2 quartz.

The video below isn’t in English but if you watch it you’l get a good idea about how it works.

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  1. And the last one WAS a real teleportation devise, but for items. This mod is cool because it teleports people too!

  2. Cool! I myself prefer the old-world feel by riding a horse. But still, being able to to is pretty awsome 😊

  3. lol Silvince. A agree with the horse thing, however horses are hard to find, but once you find a horse you have to find a saddle