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Happy New Years! I hope you’re all looking forward to the year ahead.

Here is a look at the teleportation system!


You can pop items into the dispenser and they’ll end up in the chest!


Here are the two items that Swagmasteraden has managed to move into the chest. This system is really useful for sending items to friends when you’re playing on a multiplayer server.

If you’re mining and your friend is building, using a system like this will make the whole process much faster.


Today we have an interesting design to share with you all. Submitted by Swagmasteraden, this design features a teleportation device that allows players to transport items between two different locations.


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  1. I know all are gonna hate me for saying this but that is so simple!! Even my 5 year old sister can do that!

  2. SSawesomeSS, I know your still learning how to read but I spelt noob as in someone who is new at something, not genius

  3. First of all I’m older than you, and noob is a term to be rude about someone being new/newbie. Also, remember our bet?

  4. @SSawesomeSS, people don’t say noob as in age of people, but of age of people playing GAMES… You don’t go up to a baby and say “Your a noob!” 😂. Also sometimes calling someone a noob can also be a fact… If they just started playing a game, then they are, indeed, a noob. Also, I agree with @ProSlayer242, this is very easy to do XD

  5. When did I say noob had to do with age? I agree with being new to a game is being new, but really it’s more of a rude way. I said I was older then him because he stated I’m still learning how to read.

  6. I agree with Cole, I wasn’t being mean saying “noob”. lol SS I thought you were trying to get on my nerves by saying that I meant to spell genius instead of noob. My bad