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Hello everyone! Have you seen the epic design that Gahmn built for the gift card contest?

If you’re interested, you can go and visit the design by logging into SSAwesomeSS’s and Gahmn’s server, which is where the design was built! The server has all sorts of other features too, including a newly created advent calendar!


If you would like to view the Minecraft advent calendar, you must first log into the server. The details for the server are provided below.

Server address: a64615.leet.cc

Once you have connected to the server, you’ll need to type /warp Calender into the chat to spawn next to the calendar. Each day, a new box on the advent calendar will open and a new mini game will be available. Signs will be added each day to help you start each mini game.


I personally think this is a really creative design and I’d love to see what each door has to offer! I’d like to give a very big thanks to SSAwesomeSS for building this creation and another thank you goes to Gahmn for showcasing it to us.

The inside of the calendar looks pretty interesting… You’ll have to explore it yourself to give it a proper look over, that’s for sure! Once again, the IP address for this server is a64615.leet.cc. You can enter it on the menu to connect to the server.


Will you be visiting the advent calendar server? If you do, let us know how it goes by leaving a comment!

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  1. Omg apparently I’m not main owner anymore XD SS and Gahmn you’re first main now lol

  2. I saw that when I got on your server. The parkour is really hard when your phone is lagging 😂😂. We made something like that but it got grieved

  3. And Gahmn could you please do the days until Christmas? I won’t be able to do then

  4. Lol @Gahmn and @SSawesomeSS tho I have agree with Gahmn. (Really because I don’t care for turkey)

  5. ? Whada mean you agree lol I was just asking him if he could do the events for each day as I am super busy lol