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Hello everyone! Today we’ll be sharing what we think are the top 5 updates in Minecraft PE history! These updates include some of the biggest changes, some of the most wanted features and the most popular updates that got the most people back into the game. We’ll be starting with number 5 and will make our way up to the most exciting and biggest update ever to hit Minecraft Pocket Edition in the entire history of the game.


Top 5 Updates #5 – 0.15.0

Whilst it may not have been filled with the most features, 0.15.0 came with a few additions that instantly boosted the Minecraft Pocket Edition population. Thanks to the merge between Mojang and Microsoft, players were finally able to easily play with their friends in 0.15.0 with the support of Minecraft Realms. Update 0.15.0 also included a number of other interesting features, including texture packs and support for achievements! Redstone also got a huge boost in usability with a range of new features, including observer blocks! You can check out the redstone features in JackFrostMiner’s 0.15.0 review below!

Top 5 Updates #4 – 0.13.0

Next we have update 0.13.0! This one was big because of all of the new redstone features were first introduced in 0.13.0. That’s right, before update 0.13.0 using redstone was not even possible in Minecraft Pocket Edition. You could still collect redstone dust but it had absolutely no purpose! Take a look at a 0.13.0 update overview below.

Top 5 Updates #3 – 0.12.0

Update 0.12.1 was a HUGE one for Minecraft Pocket Edition. It was nicknamed the Nether Update and for a good reason. This update was filled with all sorts of different features, Hunger, the Nether, Controller Support, Experience Points, Enchanting, More Difficulty Modes, Weather and much more!


Top 5 Updates #2 – 0.9.0


This is going back quite a while now, but update 0.9.0 was my personal favorite update and it has been ever since! This update brought infinite worlds into the mix. Before update 0.9.0, all players were restricted to very, very small worlds. That’s right, there was a size restriction on worlds! You couldn’t go very far without hitting an invisible wall and you couldn’t build very high into the air either. The 0.9.0 update also brought along lots of other interesting features.


Top 5 Updates #1 – 1.0

We’ve almost gone through the top 5 updates in Minecraft PE history, but we have space for one more. This space should be reserved for only the very best update in all of the game’s history. To me, I think no update deserves this spot more than update 1.0! This is the first update to bring Minecraft out of beta and into full release and we’ll finally be getting access to the end, end cities, and all sorts of other features! Check out an epic in-depth overview of the 1.0 update below!

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  1. @ PolarWhale24, I like ur name 😂😂😂 also, that’s not how minecraft works, I’m pretty sure the devs will try not to stop making updates for everyone! So tbh I don’t think they will stop

  2. I remember when 13.0 was coming! I was so excited for the redstone, thinking I could do it, but I still am terrible at it today… 😂