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We’re going to be listing the top 5 MCPE 0.16.0 seeds on Youtube today! These seeds have all been found by different Youtubers and they all include different features.

Take a look at the descriptions for the top 5 MCPE 0.16.0 seeds below, and watch the videos for more information!

#1 – Ocean Monument at Spawn (seed name: -791451965)

This first seed puts players onto a small island. To begin with, nothing seems that interesting. However, with a bit of exploring it’s clear to see that there’s something a little extra special waiting to be found! That’s right, there’s an ocean monument right at the spawn point! Take a look at a video walkthrough by Youtuber ECKOSOLDIER below.

#2 – 4 Villages at Spawn! (seed name: fan fiction)

This seed has once again been showcased by ECOKSOLDIER and it features four villages right at the spawn point! The terrain near the spawn is quite similar to the first seed we shared. You’ll find yourself near lots of small islands and plenty of water. Take a look at the video below to find out how to find all of the villages.


#3 – End Portal at Spawn! (Seed name: 128388)

Want to prepare for the 1.0 update? This is the perfect seed for it. Why not start up a new survival world and start gathering the resources you’ll need to fight your way through The End because in this seed you’ll be able to find a Stronghold with an End Portal right next to spawn! To make the deal even sweeter, you’ll also find a village near spawn too! A video by JerenVids has been posted below to showcase the seed.

#2 – Witch Hut and Village! (Seed name: 77301621)

Witch huts are pretty new additions to Minecraft Pocket Edition so if you get one of those and place it next to a village and pop them both by a spawn point, you have a pretty epic seed on your hands. This seed, showcased by JerenVids, has exactly that. Whether you’re looking to explore a witch hut for the first time or want to get lucky with some first day loot on a new survival world, this seed might be for you.

#1 Swamp Village (Seed name: -1918652647)

This one isn’t quite as resourceful as the others but it has something rather unique. This particular seed has a swamp village in it, alongside a witch hut! Both of these are right next to spawn as well. If you’re interested, take a look at the video by JerenVids below. Once you’ve finished watching the first seed, there are two more bonus seeds in the video too!

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