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Hello everybody! Sorry about the delay. We had lots of designs to go through and it became very difficult to choose a winning design. However, after taking a look through the creations, we have made a final decision for the winning design!

I’d like to thank everybody that took the time to enter this contest. We’ll be running more competitions like this with new prizes throughout 2017 so make sure to come back soon!

Now that’s out the way, it’s time to reveal the winning design. The creator of the winning design is …. Gahmn! 

 Well done Gahmn! We have sent you an email to ask you to confirm details about which gift card you’d like. Take a look at his awesome creation below!

Well this certainly looks interesting… At night time this mysterious structure mimics the appearance of flowing water.


However, at day time, it’s easy to see that this design is built entirely out of stone.


If I were to stumble upon this design in a jungle biome I’d be very impressed!


It looks like some kind of ancient ruin, and the design spans out for miles.


Here is another view of the structures. The design takes up so much space that it’s hard to show it all within one screenshot. I think it’d be amazing if we could have a map download so we could check this design out for ourselves!


What did you all think of this design? Thanks to everybody else that submitted their creations. We’ll be running another gift card event soon.

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  1. Well done Gahmn! Though I don’t think this is better then an entire city. Well SSawesomeSS we had a deal and I will stick to it. Good bye MCPE cheats

  2. You know proslayer you saying “I don’t think this Is better then an entire city” was really mean

  3. Also, just a tip, when taking pics like this let the world around it load in so that it’s not just the creation and nothing around it.

  4. What app did you use? I used the one @People was talking about and those are great (but it’s not as good with servers)

  5. Congratulations Gahmn very refreshing design great to see something out of the ordinary is there hidden treasures among the ruins great job