Home Update News Polar Bears in Pocket Edition 1.0!

Hello everyone! Did you know that the upcoming Pocket Edition 1.0 update will have Polar Bears?


If you’re interested in seeing polar bears in Pocket Edition, just wait for the next 1.0 update because they will be coming! Polar bears will spawn in all icy biomes. This includes the standard ice plains biome, otherwise known as the snowy biome. Ice mountains and rare ice spike biomes will also have spawn points for polar bears in Pocket Edition 1.0.

The great thing about polar bears is that as long as you leave them alone, they’ll remain friendly! This means players will have the chance to capture polar bears if they’re crafty enough.

If you do choose to attack a polar bear it will attack you back, unless it’s a cub. However, cubs have their own dangers. If you go near a cub, then any parent polar bears will attack you! If you attack a cub, other nearby polar bears will join in and will chase you down.

The Polar bear will have a chance to drop up to two raw fish or two raw salmon. It can only ever drop one of the two types of fish at once, so never both a fish and a salmon drop. Sometimes, polar bears will not drop anything.

What are your thoughts on polar bears? Here’s a video showcasing the animal!

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  1. Why not?
    I would love it if Mojang put moneys, elephants, giraffes, turtles, and be able to tame them!!

  2. Monkeys, elephants, and turtles are for mods. Polar bears are fine because a mob was needed for the snow biomes.

  3. Woah woah woah, wait, hold up. Was that OLLIE? If it is, no offense but I thought you were a girl xD

  4. It’s all going so fast… I remember the day that 0.15.0 came out and it was on the 13th of June (for iOS). lol I had something important that day but I spent the time before playing MCPE.