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The shulker is a new Pocket Edition mob that will be coming in Pocket Edition update 1.0!

For those unaware, the current MCPE development team is hoping to get Pocket Edition update 1.0 released by the end of 2016! The new update will have all sorts of interesting features. You can find out more about the upcoming features here.

One new addition to Pocket Edition 1.0 will be the Shulker mob! This is an aggressive mob that will attack players and it can be found in the End city! Shulkers are similar to Silverfish – they hide in blocks that looks similar to the surrounding terrain. In the End City, Shulkers will hide in purple purpur blocks.


Shulkers will remain hidden within their blocks until a player walks nearby. Once a player is close enough, they’ll pop out of their shell and shoot projectiles at the player! If you come across a Shulker in Pocket Edition 1.0, make sure to use your weapons to hit the projectiles before they hit you, to avoid damage. Shulkers will often go back into hiding to avoid damage, but you can still kill them if you hit them whilst they’re hiding in their shell.


Shulkers will drop a small amount of experience when killed and will also potentially drop a shulker shell. You can use two shulker shells and a chest to create a unique purple storage box that can teleport items between two different locations!


What are your thoughts on the shulkers? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment! Below I’ve posted a useful video that showcases the Shulker mob!


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  1. I knew about shulkers and I new all that stuff in the vid… except the floating thing. That’s really cool!

  2. ProSlayer I feel the same way!
    I feel like these mobs are pointless
    5.Gaurdian/elder gaurdian
    3.SilverFish/other silverFish
    2.Magma cube/slime
    _________________________—–Mojang please read———–_________________________

  3. Pro, shulker boxes keep your items in them even when you break them, basically it’s a pack pack. Bats btw, are useful to know if it’s day or night in caves, as they sleep in the daytime. Slimes you need to craft sticky pistons and slime blocks. Magma cubes are used for brewing, Guardians and elder guardians are technically bosses and how you get sponges, and are a challenge. Same with the shulker. Silverfish are just a pest to annoy you

  4. @People, yeah my friend banned a dude named… I can’t remember his name but we got rid of a griever

  5. Wait a.. OH yeaaaaaah, @Pro_Slayer_242, my brother grieved your server, he left like these sign clues, he’s stupid.. (As u can see I don’t like him)

  6. Shulkers don’t hide inside blocks, they ARE already in the form of a block, and don’t come out. Also, Shulker Boxes don’t teleport items, they’re mojang’s version of a “backpack”. It’s like a chest, but when you break it the items stay inside!

  7. I hope they made shulker projectiles just as cool as in the computer version and I really hope there adding eletra Chang glider) If you know tell me please.