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Hey guys!

In this post we’ll be explaining what the Ender Dragon is and what it will bring to gameplay.

What is the Ender Dragon?

The Ender Dragon is a boss mob in Minecraft that was introduced a few years ago. In fact, the Ender Dragon was the first boss mob in Minecraft! Since then we’ve had plenty more bosses, and a lot of them have been far easier to implement on Minecraft Pocket Edition. We’ll finally be getting the Ender Dragon in the Pocket Edition 1.0 update though!

As the name suggests, the Ender Dragon is a dragon that can be found within the End. To get into the End you’ll need to create an obsidian portal with obsidian blocks. We’ll explain how to create an end portal in another post!

You’ll be able to fight the Ender Dragon but it won’t be an easy fight! Make sure to come fully geared with armor, bows and lots of arrows! Most importantly, bring food so that you can keep your health up. If you defeat the Ender Dragon for the first time, you’ll be rewarded with a HUGE chunk of experience points. If you are level 1, you’ll jump all the way to level 79! It’s incredible.

The experience reward is only given for the first Ender Dragon kill. Every kill after that will only give the play 500 experience points.

Keep an eye out for more Pocket Edition 1.0 preview posts in the future! For now, why not get a preview of the Ender Dragon by watching Stampylonghead fight it on the Xbox version?

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  1. Funny how the app is technically an MCPE seeds/cheats app, but all that’s posted anymore are addons, update news, and other random stuff. I’m not saying I don’t like hearing some new info on updates, but couldn’t they at least do some more things on seeds and glitches? It’s been ages since they did.

  2. @People, lol. And @SSawesomeSS I think mcpe will be different and I knew about the XP but I didn’t know about that much! And I’ve killed the ender dragon on the PC. Is not as hard as they make it sound

  3. I think they have it all mixed up: an obsidian portal is used for getting to the nether. To get to the end, eyes of ender must be placed into end portal frames found in a stronghold.