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Hi everybody! We have some excellent news to share with you all today! The next update planned for Minecraft Pocket Edition has been named ‘the Ender update’ and it will feature some of the biggest new features we’ve seen in the entirety of MCPE history!

The great thing about the upcoming update is that it’ll bring Pocket Edition to version 1.0, finally taking it out of beta and into full release. This is exciting for the developers that have worked so hard on the update, but even more exciting for the players because it’ll be filled with special treats and gameplay features.


Here’s what we can expect from the Ender update so far:

New Features:

Ender dragon
Polar bear

Chorus plant
End gateway portal
End portal frame
Exit portal
End ship

The End
End city

And much, much more!

The Ender update is planned to release at the end of 2016! We’ll be covering the update in plenty of new posts so keep your eyes peeled. There’s lot to talk about. This includes the illusive Ender Dragon and the End City… Ooooh!

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  1. Eh, pretty cool. I’ve seen better.


  2. Thank you, thank you!¡
    Finally something else instead of the add-ons!
    Please, keep these in mind also:
    Pixel art
    Building contests
    Something Christmasy
    {I was wondering if this was a good idea} a Barbie house in Minecraft(¿does any of this sound like a good idea?)

  3. OMG!! That is soooooo AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait. Man, those mcpe developers are getting better at their jobs (in the fact they are getting faster) 😂😂😂

  4. @PrincessDelanie, can you please tell me your server ip again. I had to delete mcpe and I lost all meh servers

  5. @Pro_Slayer_242, tbh, it’s not always good if they get faster at updating, if they just try to push the update out as soon as the last update was released, there will most likely be A HECK OF A LOT glitches… Also, man, they added a crap ton of stuff to the end. I remember me just being on my computer playing minecraft, and going to the end and it being so simple, no useless villages that u can’t get to without being in creative, no ender mite, no shoulkers, no plants that just get in the way.. I miss the simplicity of the end.. Along with the first phew days of minecraft, I miss the simplicity 😕

  6. Notch and Jeb was better at updating cuz they rlly knew what they were doing, the new owners of mc have no idea, they just add a ton of random stuff.. Notch wouldn’t be proud 😝

  7. And @cole, it’s no problem you can comment as much as you want. However I have to disagree with you about notch not being proud

  8. Does anyone else look at the comments when more and more people have commented, even on the last couple of posts? I do😂😂😂

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