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Hey guys! We have a pretty awesome new Minecraft server to showcase! This server was built by a team you could never separate: Gahmn, xXTheFireStarXx, and SSawesomeSS!

In this server you’ll be able to check out the epic magical forest area that we’ll show below, meet the creators and even play in new areas that the team are working on.

The server address is: a64615.leet.cc

Now onto the fun stuff!

Here’s a first look at the magical forest. You may recognise it from a previous build showcase we did! We’ve shown it before, but this is the first time we’re showcasing the server.


Here’s another view of the awesome magical forest!


A shader mod has been used to help make these pictures really stand out! We think you’ll love the forest even with standard graphics, though!


There’s something very magical and charming about this whole thing. It really is rather pretty!


And here we have a beautiful view of the trees, flowers and giant mushrooms. I imagine living here would be very peaceful.


Why not go take a look at the server for yourself by connecting to the IP address that is listed above?


Hopefully you all really like the server that Gahmn, SSawesomeSS and xXTheFireStarxX put together!

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