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Hey guys! We have one more awesome MCPE addon to share this evening. With this MCPE mod you’ll be able to transform yourself into any mobs you come across during your travels, both in survival mode or in creative!

Learn more about how you can morph into mobs by using this special MCPE addon, and how you can download it for yourself to use, below!


To use this MCPE addon, simply get hold of the morph rod from within the creative menu or craft one out of a block of sand from the survival crafting menu. Next, equip the morph rod. After this, you can transform into any mob you hit with the morph rod! It really is that simple to morph into mobs once you’ve got this Minecraft addon installed! To get this to work properly, it’s best to play in third person so that you can see yourself!


The tricky part for this addon is to get it installed. Fortunately, the download process is quite simple once you’ve had a bit of practice. Want to use this MCPE addon? Download it here!

If you don’t know how to install mods, follow the tips we’ve listed below.

Installation Guide: How To Morph Into Mobs – MCPE Addon

Step 1go to this link

Step 2 – Press the download button that is provided

Step 3 – Go to the app store and download the Block Launcher app

Step 4 – Open Minecraft Pocket Edition and then open the new Block Launcher menu

Step 5 – Tap “Manage ModPE Scripts"

Step 6 – Tap “Import

Step 7 – Tap “Local Storage"

Step 8 – Tap the “Download" folder

Step 9 – Tap on the downloaded .js file. In this case, the file should be called Morphing Mod v1.2. Once you tap on that, Block Launcher will load the MCPE addon and you will be able to morph into mobs!

Step 10 – If you need help with learning how to morph into mobs, simply follow the information provided earlier in this blog.

We hope you have enjoyed reading through our review and guide for the morph mod and MCPE addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition. What are your thoughts on this particular mod?

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