Home World Designs Play as Iron Man! – MCPE Addon

Hey guys! We have a really epic MCPE addon to showcase today! This addon will allow users to craft iron man armor and dress up as iron man! It sounds cool, but it looks even cooler! Take a look below!

You’ll need to craft this armor before you can wear it.


Here are the item IDs and craft details.

Super Power Boost (471) – 6 coal blocks + 1 diamond block + 2 Redstone
Red Iron (474) – 1 red rose + 1 iron ingot
Mark-42 Armor (322) – 8 red iron + 1 super power boost
Mark-42 Punch (472) – 5 red iron + 1 super power boost + 3 Redstone
Mark-42 Rocket (478) – 3 TNTs + 1 super power boost + 3 red iron
Mark-42 Bullets (373) – 3 arrows + 1 super power boost + 3 red iron


This armor lets you fly, run fast, hover in the air and shoot rockets!


You can download this addon here. What did you think of this epic iron man MCPE addon?

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  1. There’s a difference between rockets and missiles. Rockets are usually used to take people and/or cargo to space. Missiles are rocket-propelled bombs. So, iron man only fires missiles, not rockets.