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I’ve been going on about it for years, but we can finally drive a car in Minecraft Pocket Edition with the help of an MCPE addon! This addon will allow you to speed around the world in a flashy black nitro car! Check it out below!

Driving the car is just like controlling a pig with a carrot on a stick.


Here’s a view of the car. The carrot on a stick has been retextured as the steering wheel.


The car frame is the main retexture in this MCPE addon!


You can download this addon for yourself here.

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  1. Pro is right!
    He’s a good guy, he’s not the bad guy like you say he is!
    He just needs help with his server,(I haven’t been on it in a while) and I wanna get back on… and when I do get back on I would like to see new stuff on there, not just the same old same old…
    On a new subject-
    Hey Pro when I was on your server, there were grefers that broke buildings and set buildings on fire(ect) did you catch them?
    They always destroyed my houses!

  2. Guys This is the add on that crashed my minecraft I have not been able to play since 0.16.0 First came Out