Home Mods Explosive Snowballs! – MCPE Addon

Hey everyone! We have another awesome MCPE addon to share today! This addon changes snowballs into explosive grenades! Whether you simply want to have fun with more explosions or want an easier way to mine, this is the mod for you.

With this MCPE addon you can collect snowballs from on top of snowy mountains. Once you throw them, they’ll create a big explosion, just like TNT!


Watch out because these explosions can set things on fire!


We think this MCPE addon will make a fresh change to your game. You can download it here.

What did you think of this MCPE addon? Let us know!

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  1. Hmmm.. Maybe it was a snap shot? Anyway I’m not saying lying I just saying ITS REAAAALLLLLYYY early 😛

  2. Lucky android users get to have the Beta for 0.17.0!
    Why can’t IOS have Beta?
    Technically we are skipping a lot of updates, because this update is really 1.0

  3. You can go check his channel yourself! I agree it is early, but it’s like a Christmas present!!

  4. Anyone noticed how amazing this app is? Imagine how much code it would take to make this whole community and everything!? Let’s take a moment of silence for the rest of today to honor Ollie Green (and if there are any other workers)

  5. Tybuszeusky, if you haven’t already started on Trump Tower, than can you build it next to the building I just built. Thanks. I’ll help when possible

  6. Oooo 17.0/1.0 has polar bears too!! @Cole I know 😄 I was messing with u. Those bears are soooooooo cute!! You can also dye shkulker shells! Idk how to spell the mobs name

  7. Because it’s exciting and adds a whole bunch of stuff!

    But could you please post like pixel art and some more building contests?

  8. Hey!
    What if a Snow Golem could do this with his snow balls?
    That would be so cool! I hope someone makes it a add-on

  9. 17.0 beta is out for android! Polar bears, igloo’s the end, Endereyes, End city!!! 17.0!!!