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Hey guys! The underwater contest has now come to an end and it is time to start revealing the winners! We’ll start by announcing the junior winner for this contest.

Remember, junior winners are those that have not been showcased on MinecraftPECheats before, whilst master winners are those that have been showcased on the MCPE Cheats community in the past.

So, without further ado.. We can confirm that crosscover10 is the winner of this build contest! Check out the designs below!

This place looks awesome!

There’s enough down here to live underwater forever!

Many thanks to crosscover for sending in their design! Check back later for the masters winner announcement.

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  1. Yayyyy! Great job @crossover! I wonder when they’ll post the master division winner

  2. Lol the coolest pic is the one where he isn’t in the base. It looks VERY cool from the outside

  3. Holy smokes! The exterior for this is amazing. In my eyes I would have given this dude master winner. No one really recognizes the actuall master winner anyway. Sorry.

  4. @Vorsaw, even if they saw this worthy of the Master winner, it’s impossible for him to win that one… He’s never entered a design before so…

  5. I love this build! It is so awesome! I personally like it better than the master build, even though that one is still pretty cool.